The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

Bill Brady   Edited 11/28/2018

This page will activate you into building with the Master builder and doing so by a flow of Holy Spirit.

“Unless the Lord builds the house the builders build vain.” 

You will fulfill your destiny when you build what God wants you to build.

  • God has a plan for what He wants you to build.
  • God wants you to build together with other believers.
  • God wants you to build with Jesus.

We experience building with Jesus as

  • receiving blueprints
  • receiving mandates
  • building according to a mandate
  • by flowing with Holy Spirit


  • A blueprint is God’s plan for a heavenly building.
  • A destiny scroll is a personal blueprint.
  • A destiny scroll is a plan for your life.

Biblical Examples of Blueprints:

  • The plan for the tabernacle that God gave to Moses
  • The plan for the temple that God gave to David.

We are God’s temple.

  • There is a plan for the Universal Ecclesia.
  • There is a plan for every smaller expression of the ecclesia.
  • There is a plan for every bench.
  • There is a plan for every believer.

Engaging your book of destiny.

  • You can engage to see your current pages and current destiny.
  • Open more and more pages.
  • You can ask to see the end page.
  • You can go to the judgement seat of Christ and have all before now judged.
  • Wood, hay and straw will be burned up.
  • Gold, silver and precious stones remain.
  • You can overlap the pages with the Lamb’s book of life.

Engaging a blueprint is like engaging your destiny scroll.

  • First you receive the blueprint.
  • Then you engage it.

Every bench has a blueprint.

  • It is usually given to one of the bench of 3.
  • The bench of 3 comes to agreement about the blueprint.
  • The bench of 3 passes that understanding to the bench of 12.
  • The bench of 12 builds according to the blueprint.
  • Benches of 12 are meant to build themselves up into Manifest Sonship.


  • A blueprint is the big-picture plan for the purpose that God has for a bench.
  • A destiny scroll is the big-picture plan for a life.
  • A mandate is the small-picture plan for a part of a blueprint.
  • A mandate is a work order to build a smaller part of the big building

A mandate reveals what God wants us to do right now. 

  • It can be as small as, “Say this to that person”.
  • It can be as big as something that will take days or weeks to do.

We receive many mandates in a day.

  • We wake up in the morning with one or more mandates on our heart.
  • Mandates come to us throughout the day.


We have all experienced flowing with Holy Spirit.

  • Flow prompts us to do something that Holy Spirit wants done.
  • When we say “Yes” then it does get done.
  • When we say “No” then it doesn’t get done.
  • When we continue to flow then it continues to get done.
  • We do this with the energy provided by Holy Spirit.

Flow is experienced as a river flowing from the believer.

  • The flow can be a pure flow purely from God.
  • The flow can be a mixed flow.  Some from God and some from man or a spirit.
  • We learn to flow with less and less mixture.

Working on a bench protects us from mixed flow.

  • Together we work to discern blueprints and mandates.
  • Together we discern what is of God.

Jesus is building the Ecclesia

  • by blueprints, mandates and flow.
  • by united benches of 12.

We are all meant to be a member of at least one bench of 3 or 12.

Jesus is building His Ecclesia.  We are to build with Him.

  • There is no greater work!
  • There is no greater source of joy!
  • There is no greater adventure!

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

  1. Hi Billy
    Thanks for this though expose, it’s very detailed and brings clarity.
    I’d like to ask you about chancellors, who they are, what their functions, and how, and when we interact with them.
    Thank you so much.


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