Importance of Building Benches of 12

Importance of Building Benches of 12

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

The early church met together daily in houses to fellowship, eat, pray and dialog about what the apostles had been teaching.

  • We dialog daily on chat groups, meet for ascensions and listen to recordings.
  • This is good.
  • There is something better.

That is benching together around a shared mountain and a shared blueprint.

  • We become a member of a bench.
  • We move into Responsibility.
  • We fellowship with one another around a work that we are doing together.
  • This is a deeper form of fellowship.

The deepest form of fellowship is found on a bench of 12.

  • I believe that everyone is meant to be a member of a bench of 12.
  • 12 is a very governmental model shown to us.
  • ( 12 disciples, 12 chancellors houses, 2 sets of 12 elders in heaven)

A bench of 12 is designed by God to grow itself up into the full stature of Christ.

  • Each member is part of the building up of the group, individually and as a group.
  • In the case of a bench of 12 the shared mountain is the ecclesia mountain.
  • And the shared destiny is to grow up into the fulness of Jesus’ kingship.

This is a heavenly realms version of what the early church was doing by meeting daily in houses.

  • Each of us will become part of a bench of 12.
  • That bench will grow itself up into mature sons.
  • A Scroll Group was the first group to experience a crowning as a bench of 12.
  • God told me that this group is a prototype.
  • This means that all of us are meant to experience something similar.

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