Best Caught Not Taught

Best Caught Not Taught

by Bill Brady  (revised 2/3/18)

We invite input as our mandate is one united body.


In a vision a thumb drive was being inserted into a computer.

  • Thumb drives are very small and carry a lot of information.
  • A thumb drive is inserted into a computer.
  • All of the information on the thumb drive is then uploaded into a computer.
  • The thumb drive that I saw is the Blueprint for Manifest Sonship.
  • The thumb drive is to be inserted into the Universal Ecclesia.
  • Get ready for an upload!

Do you remember the expression, “Better caught than taught”?

  • It is a reference to parenting.
  • A desperate father.
  • A child not going in the right direction.
  • The father tells the child what to do.
  • The child says, “But Dad, you don’t do that!”
  • In anger, the father yells, “Do as I say, not as I do!”
  • Parenting doesn’t work that way.
  • Children do as they see, not as they are told.
  • Children imitate their parents.
  • It’s in their blueprint to do so.

What do fathers give to their children? 

  • Fathers are meant to live their lives with their children.
  • This is a fathers’ biggest responsibility.
  • Children learn from fathers by living with them.
  • What children learn is mostly caught not taught.
  • This is the most important thing that fathers do.

What else do fathers do?

  • Fathers pass their genes along to their children.
  • This is the first thing that all fathers do.
  • This is the first part of a child’s inheritance from their father.

Spiritual fathers have fathering on their scroll.  

  • It’s in their blueprint.
  • They have a sphere of authority as a father.
  • That sphere of authority can be as large as the Universal Ecclesia.
  • Or as small as one bench of 12.
  • Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.
  • Jesus began with one bench of 12.

Spiritual fathers impart their spiritual genes to spiritual sons.

  • Not their personal spiritual genes.
  • Those are for each person alone.
  • Fathers have become life-giving spirits.
  • Fathers impart life to you.
  • Fathers beget.

Father spoke words of begetting twice to Jesus.

  • “You are My beloved Son;  in You I am well pleased.”
  • “You are My Son,  Today I have begotten You.”

You are My beloved Son;  in You I am well pleased.”

  • Spoken to Jesus at the time of His baptism.
  • Is part of the experience that begets us into sonship.
  • The full experience includes being born again, baptized in water and receiving the Holy Spirit.
  • Have been spoken to the corporate Ecclesia.
  • Recently the Ecclesia had the way opened from kingship into sonship.

Father spoke mature sonship into Jesus when He said, “You are My Son,  Today I have begotten You.”

  • Father spoke these words to Jesus in Psalm 2.
  • These words came into effect when Jesus had died.
  • These words resurrected Jesus from the dead into Mature Sonship.

Your Father has spoken the same words to you.

  • Father will speak these words directly to some.
  • He will speak them to others through a spiritual father.
  • When they were spoken by a father then Father spoke them to you.
  • “You are my son.  Today I have begotten you.”
  • You are begotten to Mature Sonship.
  • These words will bring you to a place of dying.
  • These words will take effect when you die.

When will you die?

  • You will die because you have chosen to die.
  • You will die because your destined time to die has come.
  • When you die to self-government you will then enter eternity.
  • When you die to self you will then enter Mature Sonship.

You will first need to decide to go on a journey.

  • Remember that Jesus chose to go up to Jerusalem to die?
  • Remember what Jesus said to Peter when Peter tried to talk Him out of dying?
  • Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan!”
  • Remember Jesus’ night in the Garden before His death?

Jesus was destined to die.

  • Jesus decided to live His destiny.
  • Jesus chose to die.
  • Jesus died at His destined time.

You are destined to die.

  • In living your destiny you will come to a time of choosing.
  • Are you willing to die to become a Mature Son?
  • You must choose to go up to Jerusalem to die.
  • Don’t let anything change your mind.
  • Continue to chose to die.
  • When your destined time comes, then you will die.

When you die, then Father’s words to you will have come to pass. 

  • “You are My Son,  Today I have begotten You.”
  • You will be resurrected into Mature Sonship.

What else is meant to be imparted to you?  Remember the image of the thumb drive?

  • The thumb drive is the Blueprint for Mature Sonship.
  • The thumb drive is to be inserted into the Universal Ecclesia.
  • The Blueprint for Mature Sonship is meant to be imparted to you.

Today the Blueprint for Mature Sonship is imparted to you. 

  • Receive it.
  • Then live it out.
  • Then chose to die at your destined time.
  • You will be resurrected into Mature Sonship.

If you are a spiritual father, then chose to father others into mature sonship.

  • When it is time, impart mature sonship to your sons.


The Blueprint For Mature Sonship





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