You are meant to be connected:  Benches and Ecclesias

by Bill Brady

An ecclesia is a group of believers

  • gathered together
  • to function together
  • to do a specific work

Ecclesias come in many sizes.  Some are listed below from largest to smallest:

  • The Universal Ecclesia.
  • Apostolic Resource Centers (ARCs).  Worldwide there are many ARCs.  Ecclesia Framework is one of them.
  • Benches of 12.
  • Benches of 7.
  • Benches of 3.

Each ecclesia is a family.

  • A family is made up of members of the family.
  • Members of a family are in relationship with one another.

Each person who is part of an ecclesia is a member of that ecclesia.

  • Members of an ecclesia have relationships with one another.
  • Members of an ecclesia experience relationships as a connection.

Those connections are: 

  • to one another – to the members of the family
  • to the ecclesia – to the family as a whole

Each member of an ecclesia experiences: 

  • being gathered into the ecclesia
  • being connected to one another
  • being connected to the ecclesia

Each connection is a divine connection.

  • willed by Father
  • mandated by Jesus
  • experienced as a flowing together in Holy Spirit

These things are the common experience of all members of ecclesias.

  • These experiences are a little difficult to put into words.
  • They are experienced as a knowing by members of ecclesias.

Your spirit knows the reality of these experiences.

  • You know when you have been connected to another believer.
  • You know when you have been connected to a bench. 
  • You know when you have been connected to an ARC.
  • You know when a relationship is a connection.

You experience a connection as a flow of Holy Spirit

  • between you and another member of the ecclesia 
  • between you and the ecclesia

I believe that you know when there is a connection

  • between you and another member of the Universal Ecclesia.
  • between you and other members of an ARC.
  • between you and other members of a bench.

I see various types and levels of connection to an ARC:

  • As a member of one of the ARC’s benches of 3 or 12.
  • As a member of an ARC connected to receive from that ARC, but not functioning as a member of any bench.
  • These ARC members are connected by relationship, but not by responsibility.

As a member of a Tree of Life Group or Beginner’s Encounter Group you are experiencing being a member of an ecclesia.

  • Each Tree of Life Group is an ecclesia.
  • Each Tree of Life Group is a family.
  • Each Tree of Life Group has a bench of 3 made up of facilitators and co-facilitators.
  • Each Tree of Life Group functions as a bench of 12.

Benches of 12:

  • experience being a family
  • experience connection
  • function governmentally
  • experience growing up together into Manifest Sonship
  • build together according to their blueprint

As long as there are 12 or more members functioning as a bench then the ecclesia will function as a bench of 12.

Here are some of the functions of a bench of 12: 

  • We ascend into heavenly places together.
  • We explore and discover heavenly places together.
  • We do governmental actions for the ecclesia as we explore and discover.
  • We pioneer. Our mere presence in these heavenly places as pioneers opens them up for others to follow us.
  • Our most basic and foundational function as a bench is that we are a family.

Here are some elements of Exploration and Discovery:

  • We bring our light with us as we explore new areas in heavenly places.
  • Wherever we go our light reveals mysteries that were hidden.
  • We discover the reality of these places and the nature of how we are to function there.
  • This is revealed to us as we explore.
  • I believe that Exploration and Discovery is a mandate of every bench.
  • This is because we seek a revelation of the will of God for our bench.  In doing so we are seeking further revelation of the nature of the bench blueprint.

Here are some of the elements of doing governmental actions:

  • They are initiated by a corporate mandate.
  • By engaging the mandate the nature of the governmental action is revealed.
  • What is to be done is revealed.
  • How it is to be done is revealed.
  • Usually one member of the bench is mandated to lead the bench in the governmental action.
  • Each bench has a sphere of authority.
  • That sphere of authority can be for that ecclesia alone or as large as extending to the Universal Ecclesia.

It is not good that a man should be alone.  We are designed and destined to be connected to ecclesias and benches.


You are meant to be connected.

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  1. This is Bill Brady responding. Best place to contact us is our Facebook page called Heavenly Realms Support Group. The next round of Tree of Life Group will be posted there soon. You can also join one of our chat groups. Best chat group to begin with is Heavenly Realms Discussion.


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