What is the New Jerusalem?

By Ella Harrison

We are the DESCENDING NEW JERUSALEM . A city with gates . I see there is also a corporate new Jerusalem where we invite the tribes to congregate .

REV 21/22

WAS of God is the place where God dwells outside creation. Then we see that God is preparing a dwelling place in creation, in the New Jerusalem.

NJ IS THE FINISHED NOW – on new earth.

I perceive the NJ as the finished NOW of God, where He manifests as I AM that I AM. Anytime God speaks of Himself as I AM is because He’s bringing forth the Word that prepares the NOW.

So we have to be present in the WAS of God (Ya Sod) with Him, to be able to speak the correct END before the BEGINNING. And build from infinity a new day and rule with Jesus to release the FINISHED NOW corporately ( the descending new Jerusalem).

When this is done the NOW comes together on it’s own because the Word performs the job according to the circular pattern from beginning to end.

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