Why move on from the Mobile Court?

By Ella Harrison

Self awareness is a form of self gov that acts as middleman between God and our core. It’s the strongman of all strongmen and that causes the shadow of death in us, if this makes any sense.

This strongman is the one that keeps us from abiding under God’s canopy.

At one point we have to give it up and don’t look to self anymore. It’s very tough to give up the record of self because we think that’s our identity, but when we do the only record of self becomes the Book of Life of the Lamb.

That’s when the enemy has no more record of us to work with.

That’s taking on the record of God’s DNA that has no beginning and no end.

The correct judgment of our house happens when we judge self according to the book of life. Now the book of life does not contain any record of evil.

In mobile court we sit on the throne of Adam where we are the little god of our own kingdom and are those who judge self (before we let God judge us) according to our own book that uses the criteria of good or evil.

But if God does not use that book to judge us, neither should we.

My encouragement to those who have been using the mobile court for a long time, is that we are able to align our government with God’s one as far as concerning criteria of judgment and close the court of Adam for good.

In the court of Adam the enemy works in government on assignment under our authority and still has 9 stones on his breast plate…

It is about removing any platform to consider our sin as before the creation of the world we are glorified , sanctified so resting in age of new beginnings on our full identity allows us to draw on abundance of identity.

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Founder of the ECCLESIA framework in 2013, and the Heavenly Realms Support Group. Jane has worked in many different leadership capacities from being a professionally qualified Christian Leadership Coach for 13 years to many Christian leaders, to leading a ministry with the Navigators, to being a Senior Learning and Development Manager of a multimillion corporation, advising the management team on strategic approaches to get the best out of their people. She has developed considerable experience with Investors in People taking several companies through to successful accreditation and training as a consultant for them. Hence she understands the amazing impact a tool based on this principle can have.

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One thought on “Why move on from the Mobile Court?

  1. Dear Jane, Ella, and other brothers/sisters.
    I may be putting myself somewhat out on a limb by making this comment, but I say it with all due respect and honor to all here.
    I have tried to do without the mobile court, and I have worked with the mobile court. And here are some conclusions I have so far drawn.
    “Dealing with our junk” as some call it, or going to court whenever there pops up a present or past issue in our personal life, is quite controversial with the body of believers. Many see it as “already done” when Jesus died on the cross. Others believe a kind of hyper-grace that covers everything, so we don’t need to address any of these matters. And there are others that see it as a road to becoming more responsible sons–growing and maturing into our roles as kings and priests.
    At present I’m pretty sold on continuing bringing my issues to the mobile court, and I will list here in a brief way the advantages I’ve found.
    *The more I go there, the more I learn about how Heaven’s government and courts work. I experience the awesomeness of how Yahweh has set things up, so we can participate from earth, and get results in Heaven and see the results manifested on earth.
    *I can experience step by step becoming aware of undesirable things in my life, and actively erase them from my DNA.
    *I learn more and more to discern my motives for my choices–whether they are earthly bound decisions, or matching God’s blueprint for my scroll.
    *I’m gradually learning what Yahweh likes, and what He dislikes, and how I can match my life to His desires.
    *I’m learning how to be a priest, one of our roles as sons/daughters. How can we take responsibility for others sins, and get forgiveness, and set things on the right track again with groups and nations, if we can’t even do it in our own lives? It starts in Jerusalem (us), then to Samaria, then to all the world.

    The saddest thing I see is when issues continue in believers lives, and they don’t deal with them, and they are trying to find/live their scroll, and serve Him in some ministry, etc., always having to work around those issues, and the issues actually taking the upper hand in directing these dear ones’ lives. They want to know Him more closely, and find their scroll, but don’t want to do the tedious work of weeding their garden. But if we do the weeding, the crop grows more abundant and flourishes.
    We shouldn’t be afraid of admitting we have weeds to clear out. Everyone has junk, either from our DNA from generations, or from our own personal lives. I personally think it’s a mistake to slap a band-aid on these issues (by saying they’re already taken care of), and expect to move on, and arrive where we hope to.
    Do I believe there will come a time when these personal issues (that need to be taken to the court as they are pointed out to us along the way (either from the realms, or by our loved ones here on earth)–do I believe there will come a time when we WON’T have these issues anymore–and we won’t need to take them to court? Yes! At that point, at some time in our journey toward being mature sons, we won’t need the constant vigil over our own house–it will already be in order, and we will be ready for priesthood, and kingship. What we learn in our trips to the mobile court, I propose, that these are PREPARING us to be priests and kings.


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