Not Letting Your Body Die

Written by Ella Harrison

I Understood the body is not taken in a once off rapture like manner.

Technically we are already in eternity, but not fully connected with the reality. The perception of time as something that will come to an end or one day we’re coming out of it is a distortion. Time is not the dimension in which we are held captive, but rather caducity/death/decay is. Time is part of eternity.

Is our body designed to die, so that we’re going to be resurrected with a new eternal and ethereal body, or is it the same body that will be made eternal?

This topic is very controversial within the body of Christ, and cause of real struggle in what to expect and therefore what to believe God for in terms of faith and hope in His promise to us.

Although it is something quite important to ponder since our beliefs on this matter can wrongly ascribe less nobleness and importance to our body than what God originally intended.

To me there’s a little detail in scriptures that reveals what to expect and this is the empty tomb of Christ, but let see how this can apply to our life, in the light of the fact that now the keys of death and Hades are in the hands of the Living One, Who had to die in order to retrieve them for us (Rev 1:18).


Paul urges us to present our body to God as living sacrifice, as the act of true and supreme spiritual worship (Rm 12:1). In doing so, once our body is accepted by God as sacrifice, He automatically acquires the rights of ownership upon it. So we actually give up our rights to chose what will be of it and of us, in favor of the choice to fully belonging to Him.

I equal this to the ‘freewill offering of the Prince’ mentioned in Ez 46:12, that makes us enter through the East Gate of the temple, that per God concession, is always open for this purpose, unlike for other rituals that can happen only on appointed times.


This act of ultimate worship is the expression of full acceptance of God’s government upon us, and the consequent choice to give up any surviving pocket of independent government that we may still exercising upon self, which will cause our entire being to fully abide under God’s canopy and therefore be restored according to design by God’s power, and most precisely by the Power of the Resurrection according to the work of Christ.

Once we receive to host within us , God’s full government, the characteristics of His DNA with no beginning and no end become operative in us, and this won’t allow the body to die nor decay. It happens as byproduct of the correct bond established between spirit, soul and body.

Our body truly is established by God as living sacrifice, jointly with the sacrifice of the Lamb laid in the highest realm of eternity, thanks to the work of Christ.

The government according to the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil is just a segment of God’s government and without the complete set that comes with the Tree of Life the body is not fully and properly attached to the soul and spirit, and therefore can be separated, hence death can happen. The same dynamic is also responsible of causing decay, by the restricted flow of provision of Life, that doesn’t allow the body to replenish and rejuvenate at the same rate by which energy is spent.


The ‘shadow of death’ (Ps 23:3-4, Matthew 4:16) is a finite dimension that, like a sword, is wedged between soul and body and keeps them almost fully separated by working against each other (spirit and flesh), because of partial lay lines (silver cord) between the three dimensions of our being. The traveling of only the spirit and soul within the realms of heaven ends when the shadow of death is removed from us, because the body also is freed to move with them, so we are fully present and can travel within dimensions.

The silver cord represents only partial connection, while the work of Jesus re-establishes the full connection within the dimensions of our being, that takes away the option of having to go through the disconnection of death (shed the body) in order to be fully connected with all the dimensions of creation and therefore be reunited with our heavenly family.

The full government of God operating in us causes Holy Spirit’s operations, and the supply of the Seven Spirits of God, to literally and fully replace the government of our soul, translating our being into Abundance of Life and the never ending wealth of the heavenly inheritance that we receive as sons within the Son.

WE THEN BECOME BODY AND SPIRIT ( soul is replaced by Holy Spirit ).
Death is defeated when we are fully connected with creation and are working as foundation of life with the Lamb.


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