For those new to Ecclesia Framework (EF) here are some resources:

Starter Pack for Newbies  Here is a starter pack of web pages for those new to EF and/or Heavenly Realms.  There are many other pages for you to explore.  Each page is meant to  lead you into experiencing heavenly realms.   Follow your desire into engaging.

EF Facebook site is Heavenly Realms Support Group.  A schedule of ascensions is published every two weeks or so.  Look back through the posts to find it.

Tree of Life Group  Here is information about Tree of Life Group (TOL Group).  New groups form every 8 weeks.  Schedule is on the Facebook Page.  One of the groups is a Scroll Group.

Beginner’s Encounter Group and Self-Paced Tree of Life Groups


Self-paced Tree of Life Groups are available.

You can sign up for EF UTube channel by searching UTube for “Ecclesia Framework” and sign up. You can sign up to have new ascension recordings sent to your inbox.

We have Facebook Messenger chat groups for daily discipling.  Members share testimonies.  There is a flow from an introductory / intermediate level chat Heavenly Realms Discussion Group up to a sonship chat.  Ask to be added to a chat at your level.

EF is in partnership with Company of Heaven Dwellers (COHD).  You can find COHD on Facebook.  COHD facilitates an Africa / Europe encounter and an Australia encounter at times that are convenient for those in those time zones.  

For more information see Facebook Messenger Encounter and Chat Groups                                                             








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