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Resources and biblical revelation on how we can access heaven before death at will and how to bring greater intimacy with God and greater dominion on the earth restoring “as it is in Heaven”


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We recommend starting by reading Ian Clayton’s Engaging Heaven book. Available at

If you have not listened to anything we recommend these talks.

List of topics on Mike Parsons free YouTubes

Ian Clayton free YouTubes

Revelation on the Outworkings of the Reformation of the Church (2014)

By Jane Johnson, Founder of Ecclesia Framework

Hands on a globeI have had a great revelation given to me, which has built up over time and where God showed me that his heart was to restore us to the real meaning of the Ecclesia and the Priesthood of Believers. Many are seeing Ecclesia as the “Called out Ones” but I think God is wanting us to understand a deeper revelation that is restoring all of us back to working like the council with authority and a say, which is where the word “Ecclesia”came from.

The case for reformation is compelling. George Barna, who I think was way ahead of his time when he wrote the Second Coming of The Church, articulates many of the arguments. Since understanding how to access the heavenly realms I have been given revelation first of all from Haggai, which revealed how God’s church is in ruin and the challenge to not carry on building our own houses but seeking to honour other’s ministries above our own and bring Kings, Priests and the People together, where there will be an increase in the glory of God’s House.


I then learnt about understanding how we have men in white linen assigned to our case and saw in Heaven 5 men who were relevant to the story of reformation. As the Hebrew culture is to restore the earth back to “as it was in heaven”, I saw a timeline going back along the OT timeline. Zechariah’s mandate was to establish a call to return to the Lord. The second was from Ezekiel where it talks about restoring David as the pastor over the church (Ez. 34).

Then came Moses whose calling is to release the people, which I understood to be releasing them from the institutionalised church. Then, this allowed Abraham’s calling to come into play by restoring a new generation of God’s people who are sons who understand their authority in heaven and take their place of responsibility to restore earth to the pattern as we see in heaven.

I also saw Joan of Arc who I believe is looking to see if the people are ready to become the army of God. It will no longer be a time of celebrities or well know authority figures but the ordinary people will rise up to take their authority and play a part in the government of heaven.

BENCH OF THREE AND SONSHIP OF MANiStock_000007212828SmallChristianity_lMkwuXmMwg_l

Part of this I sense is re-establishing the bench of three governmental structures in church life, the bench of seven and the sonship of man which will exceed the authority of apostles in the end as the Five-fold ministry will no longer be necessary in heaven.

I sense there will be a period of grace for the church to restructure in more heavenly forms and understand how heaven functions. There is only a short period where we may miss playing a senior role in heavenly realms. God is waiting for us to take responsibility and come to maturity so we are not waiting for God to act. But to take responsibility we must understand how the courts work and must bring a case which is then transcribed by the Court of Scribes and authenticated by the Court of Chancellors. When we have our papers/scrolls we can take it to our mountains and begin to rule and declare new Christlike ways.

I have humbly placed some practical ways of planning this in the ecclesia framework, which is open to revision as we all get downloads from the Lord.

I sense a direct word from God for this time of immense change:-

“My people do not despair at the turmoil that is in your midst. There is a great wave of change happening in the heavens and I am seeking hearts that are pure, stable and open to this. Do not fear deception, do not panic when you see foundations begin to shake. I am teaching you how to do church my way and in a way that honours me and honours my people. Be still and know I am God”.

Mike Parson’s Series – Vision Destiny




Some good resources for newbies

Topics for New People in Heavenly Realms 

Written by Jane Johnson, founder of Ecclesia Framework

These are not fixed steps so be led by the spirit and seek balance between cleansing, intimacy and responsibility .

Listening to “seat of rest” by Ian Clayton is really important as a grounding for all heavenly realms material .

  1. How to ensure Jesus is our first love and how to access your first love gate (see Mike Parsons free YouTubes or freedom arc blogs) –
  2. Undertaking the marriage covenant with God (Ian Clayton) –
  3. Opening your gateways (Ian Clayton’s book) and dealing with negative trading floors – see trading floors below and gateway pages (these are ongoing so this does not need to stop you moving on to the next stage) –
  4. Ideas for Growing in Intimacy –
  5. Restoring your crowns (Ian Clayton’s book) –
  6. Bloodline cleansing (Operating in the courts book by Robert Henderson) –
  7. How to see in the spirit (can start using faith and imagination gateways and choose to go to places even if you can’t see). Seeing in the spirit page on our site.
  8. Entering the four chambers of the heart (Garden of God and your garden, the dance floor and the bridal chamber).
  9. Learning the court system and agreeing with the accuser- see Court Protocol and Preparing Court Cases.
  10. Being confident ruling on your personal mountain.
  11. Finding your scroll and (ask to be taken to the scroll room) – see Calling Tool and Finding your Scroll.
  12. Bringing court cases and legislating on your mountains of authority.
  13. Finding other places to access God (see Concepts page). You set your desire to want to access these and begin to imagine you are there.

7 Spirits in the Bible and Handmaidens of Wisdom


There is a chapter in Ian Clayton’s book Engaging Heaven on this.

Also, has a book on 7 Spirits.

The Seven Spirits of God are not the Holy Spirit. They are sentinel beings designed to train us, mandate us and equip us to become sons of God.

The Spirit of the Lord is red: mandates us for position.

The Spirit of Wisdom is orange: equips us for position.

Spirit of Understanding is yellow: authorizes us for position.

Spirit of Counsel is green: prepares us for position.

Spirit of Might is blue: reveals us for position.

Spirit of Knowledge is indigo: empowers us for position.

This is NOT the Holy Spirit, but created sentient beings from the 1st creation. Their job is to teach us, and to train us in all things that pertain to the realm of the kingdom. They will present us to the courts of the King, in His mountain, as mature mandated sons of God. From there we will rule every stratum, and every sphere.

The Spirit of the Lord: RED

The spirit of the Lord mandates us for position.

-Teaches us about positional dominion.

-Teaches how to see the reality of the dimension of the kingdom around the throne room.

-Teaches about power, about sonship, about rulership, translation, and transrelocation.

-Teaches us about bringing divine order, and divine justice out of heaven, and how to exert it upon the face of the earth.

-Anything that has to do with the glory realm of God is the spirit of the Lord, and how to exercise that dominion on the face of the earth.

The spirit of wisdom: ORANGE

The spirit of wisdom equips us for position.

-Solomon is a prime example of the spirit of wisdom in its fullest function manifested on the earth.

-Produces prosperity and delight towards God.

-Teaches us how to judge and bring justice.

-Teaches us how to exercise judgment, and justice from the throne we’ve been given as sons.

-Teaches how to bring divine order into the spirit realm, and how to bring divine justice out of the spirit realm.

-Teaches us what to do in the realm of rulership as a son.

-The spirit of wisdom releases contentment and joy for you, and all those around you.

The spirit of understanding: YELLOW

The spirit of understanding authorizes us for position.

-Teaches us where to, and how to access the realm of God.

-Teaches us how to use what we have at the right time.

-Helps us to decipher revelation and visions.

-Instructs, teaches us how to perceive, teach others, how to view, and how to inform others about the realm of the kingdom.

-Teaches us how to rule in the realms of God as a son.

The Spirit of Counsel: GREEN

The spirit of counsel prepares us for position.

-Teaches us which way to rule as a son.

-Teaches us how to access the counsels of God.

-Teaches how to consult with God.

-Teaches how to resolve issues and to bring advice from God to those around you out of the realm of the spirit.

-Teaches how to commune with God, and to obtain His advice.

-Instructs us in the function in the different counsel chambers of God.

-Teaches us about the role of advisers to God.

-Teaches us about Trinity of God, and their roles in our lives today.

The Spirit of Might: BLUE

The spirit of might reveals us for position.

-Teaches us how to exercise the supernatural realm of God to reveal the power of God, the dominion of God, and how exercise it in the earth, and in the spirit realm around us.

-Teaches us about the counsel chamber of war.

-Teaches us the secrets of how to war in the spirit realm.

-Teaches us about the heavenly places of God and how we are seated there.

-Instructs us about our seats of rulership and the governmental arenas that we operate in as a king.

-Teaches how to do the works of the kingdom.

The Spirit of Knowledge: INDIGO

The spirit of knowledge empowers us for position.

-Teaches us how to access the knowledge of God, and how to apply knowledge in the world around you.

-Enables us to become aware of our place to rule as a son of God, and what to do with what you know.

-Enables us to gain access to the knowledge about the supernatural realm of God, how they operate, and how they function.

-Teaches us how to reveal, and how to retain what we see, to process and store the information until it becomes permanent in us.

-Teaches us how to meditate and receive divine insight in revelation, visions, visitations, dreams, and also through circumstances, and how to bring God’s will to bear on the face of the earth.

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord: VIOLET

The spirit of the fear of the Lord brings accountability for position.

-Brings understanding of the awe, and the wonder, and majesty, and might, and dominion of the person of God.

-The spirit of the fear of the Lord is all about, and around the person of God.

-Teaches us about the realms of holiness, intimacy, worship, reverence, and righteousness.

-Teaches us how to access, and bring divine order, and its application to the world around us.

*Every person releases a fragrance, a vibration, and a color. If you do not have the 7 spirits of God working in your life, you will have no color.

You can access the 7 spirits of God inside your spirit man by willingly giving yourself to be tutored by these 7. Acknowledge them, and allow yourself to be tutored by them in your spirit.



Just as Esther had 7 maidens attending her, so Wisdom has 7 maidens.

Each is a sentient being to reveal what the Spirit of Wisdom is.

1 Peter 4:14 – The Spirit of Glory
The full majesty of God’s life revealed.
Empowers you for service of wisdom.
The protocol: The empowerment of heaven.

Romans 1:4 – Spirit of Holiness
The spirit of wisdom displays holiness to the world around you and through your life.
It positions you for service. eg: Solomon positioned as king.

John 16:13 – The Spirit of Truth
Mandates you for service and empowers you to understand truth for every situation in life.

Daniel 5:12 – The Spirit of Excellence.
Authorises you for service.
*This is not the excellent spirit that people strive to do in the church.
The spirit of excellence works within someone to bring divine order on the outside.

2 Corinthians 4:13 – Spirit of Faith
Prepares for service: ‘You know that you know’
Divine miracles to take place without our intervention or cooperation.
Sovereignty of God.

Revelation 11:11 – Spirit of Life
Equips you for service.
Empowers you so you cannot have a bad day – everything in life becomes a joy.
Energises you so you become a son.
Life flows from us from the spirit of life, manifesting life to the world.
Being not doing.
From the being you do.

‘Give me a sign and the sign is Christ crucified in me.’

Ephesians 1:13 – Spirit of Promise
Sets you in for service.
Empowers the testimony of what God has said to become a reality in your life.

These 7 spirits are like tuning forks to empower you to come into the fullness of sonship.

The highest frequency will cause the other forks to come into harmony – tuning forks.
The 7 spirits come into harmony like forks around your life until you come into the frequency.

The more you entangle with these beings, the more you will display the Glory of God.

Stumbling Blocks Progressing in the Heavenly Realms 


One of my longstanding mandates from the Lord has been to remove the stumbling blocks out of the way of God’s people.

These are some stumbling blocks I have discerned in the heavenly realms that can or are stopping people from entering fully the holy of holies.

You could choose two and really seek to work on those this week or keep coming back to this document to review. Taking these to the courts could help you move forward.

Always look at how far you have come though and celebrate your progress to experience joy.

Complacency – I will get to it some day but that day does not come very often.

Not working on our weakest gateways and only going through the same gateways. The more that are open the greater our sight and progress.

Overwhelmed because of so much new revelation. This does pass and our hunger grows if we keep wanting more. Our IQ often increases from going into heaven.

Not being willing to pay the cost or getting distracted by life (Focusing on intimacy, doing things in rest and knowing our scroll and what part we were designed to make, makes the cost seem very small).

Thinking we have to see everything. Hearing and discerning in the spirit is still a valid way to walk with God.

Not applying knowledge by going into heaven. This leads to lack of confidence and inhibits seeing, as it becomes head knowledge.

Becoming isolated and only going into heaven on our own. Working as a body really helps and we need agreement with others to form a window to translate this to earth. One anothering is a strong biblical principle.

Fear of man- fear of contributing unless corrected or mocked or judged. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare.” We are powerful sons who have a right to speak and to learn we have to be willing to make mistakes.

Fear of heresy – I might be misled (more likely in heresy by not investigating things as open debate reduces heresy).

Fear of letting our imagination be free and having faith as a little child.

Lack of excellence -saying it is okay to have different expressions of church so miss the biblical / heavenly blueprint.

Fear of lack of community and so holding on to old wineskins and old mandates. We have to let go of the old to form new community. The old was having limited effect.

Trading on wrong platforms, maybe even attending a church not based on good principles. See negative trading floor documents.

Believing  you are not worthy to give to anyone or I will give when I know more. We learn by giving.

Always wanting to cleanse. (Working on our mandate and going to places of intimacy can be done along side). Balance is always better.

Stubbornness to change – always done it this way or that way won’t work – believing we need face to face for community.

Wanting the blessing for our own circumstances so not helping others –

Not taking on the authority we are given and holding back for fear of the enemy. (When we know  our mandate we are safe to take authority). In heavenly realms the devil is not allowed to act.

Not taking authority over a familiar spirit when it has already been dealt with in the courts.

Not recognising the 9 voices in heavenly realms that testify to our ability to go into the courts so fearing going in the courts.

Waiting for God rather than recognising HE waits for us to desire more.

Not building up your spirit man enough.

Thinking we need to understand the theology and/or science first before seeking intimacy first. The OT fathers never had a Bible or science lessons.

Employing experts to take us into heaven or do court cases regularly instead of learning to do it ourselves.

Gateways of the Soul

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

We have looked at the gates of our spirit, through which we want God to flow from the inside out. Now we are turning to our soul gates.

Soul gates

Our soul gates are: conscience, reason, imagination, mind, emotions, choice and will.


Our conscience is the ears of our heart. It is our protector and our director, our guard, and our guide. Our conscience will keep us from wrong and direct us to good. Sadly, our conscience can be dulled or seared by repeated exposure to sin (Titus 1:15). We need our conscience cleansed, clear and sharp.


It is not that we reason and try to work it out with intellect: this is about being able to translate and interpret the words of God that are spoken to us, to understand and explain God’s word as He speaks to us.

Eyes of your heartImagination

The eyes of our heart. It is absolutely key that we develop our imagination.

Our western culture and education system have trained us out of using (and valuing) our imagination. Our imagination was given to us by God so that we could see what He is doing. So that we could see visions, see dreams, see the heavenly realms, on the screen of our imagination. We need to learn how to use it again and train it so that it grows and develops.


Our mind, conscious and subconscious, is where the storage programs are. Here we find our memories, the word of God, and belief systems. It is like the hard drive of a computer. Everything is stored there. The subconscious mind, our heart, sits somewhere between our spirit and our conscious mind. Memories, beliefs, values, lies, truths, mindsets. Jesus called this ‘soil’ and it can have all kinds of seeds sown into it.

Our subconscious mind is affected by our DNA nature, from our parents, that sets up defence mechanisms and coping mechanisms. Our patterns of behaviour come from what we believe. Nurture has an effect too: we have had a whole lot of experiences of life during our upbringing and education which train us to operate in certain ways. Trauma too, the things that happen to us and cause us to make vows and decisions based on our experience. All those things also get connected with familiar spirits assigned to our life. They know us, and they lie to us, in order to get us to operate from a false belief system.

All those things on the inside of us manifest on the outside in the way we think. So things like our reactions, our attitudes, our responses, fear, worry: all come from the inside and manifest in our mind.

When revelation comes, from the word of God, from the Holy Spirit, things can start to change. Then we have an opportunity of surrendering to Him, and He can deal with familiar spirits who lie to us. Our behaviour patterns start to come from the revelation of the truth of God’s word, especially about who we are. Our mindsets are based on the truth of who God says we are. Our attitudes, suggestions, the ideas that flow from our into our minds, are flowing from the inside out.

But if we do not deal with all those things on the inside we will continually have triggers which set us off thinking in a particular way, and that is where the conflict takes place. We have to be willing to allow God to transform us from the inside out.


Our soul has emotions, where our responses and our feelings are, where we are moved, where we get those gut feelings. Emotions affect our esteem, our worth, whether we feel love, security, acceptance and value.

We have all had unmet needs. Maybe as a child, or in relationships, we did not receive all we should have received in the way of love, security, acceptance, encouragement and so on. Then we end up with low self-esteem, or disappointment in our life. Those can result in our feeling insecure, rejected, being dependent on other people, or in co-dependent relationships.

We try to get our needs met in these ways because we have not been in right relationship with God, and He is the only one who can properly meet those needs. We have looked to the world and been hurt. We experience guilt and shame, and carry lots of unhealed hurts where people have let us down, and caused pain in our life. Since we have not learned to forgive and release them, this has set up anger, resentment, and bitterness, which are all emotional things.

Now those emotions can completely rule our lives – if we let them. We have to deal with them. They affect what goes on in our conscious mind and then they trigger responses all the time. Our behaviour does not just happen. Our behaviour derives from the things which are on the inside of us and God wants us to operate in forgiveness, and to be restored, changed and renewed so that the strongholds and all the hurt and pain in there get dealt with.


We also have a will. If we sin, through stubbornness or rebellion, our will is damaged and effectively becomes a barrier to what God wants to do. That sets up such things as unbelief, indecision, control, doubt and fear. As we deal with them, God wants to replace them with humility, confidence, boldness, courage, persistence, determination, perseverance, self-control (which is a fruit of the Spirit). All those things can happen if we allow God from the inside out to transform our life.

It is really important for us to understand what is going on inside us and how we operate. Some of us have been taught to peel back the layers to expose what is going on deeper down; that is OK as long as we don’t try to change ourselves from the outside in, because  if we approach it from that direction it is a battle we will ultimately lose.

If we focus on the problem, the problem gets bigger. If we focus on the solution, the problem gets smaller. In Jesus, nothing is impossible. Nothing will prevent God from doing what He needs to do, if we surrender to Him.


The final gate is choice. In the end, it all comes down to one question. Once we have cleared out everything which would lead us away from surrendering to God and allowing our spirit to rule, we still have to make a conscious, daily choice. What will we choose to do?

Let us press in, and get to the place where all these gates are flowing with the life of God and transformed. At the moment most of them are not like that. We cannot change ourselves. We have to invite God to come into those gates and transform us.

It would be really dangerous if the glory of God started manifesting through us, through an unholy life; dangerous both for us and for the people around us. He will not allow His presence to be manifested out of us until there is a holy life for it to flow through.

But He does want to manifest His presence through us.

©2013-2015 Freedom Apostolic Resources


Gateways of the Spirit

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott


“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water’” (John 7:38).

God has come to dwell in our innermost being. Now we want to allow Him to flow through us and out from us, transforming both ourselves and the world around us. As we open the gate of first love, we begin to allow Him to flood into our whole being.

And that is where some find the first blockage. As we have looked at our gate of first love, some of us have seen it blocked, closed, locked, even chained. But that is a projection of our soul. Even if our own experience of first love has caused us to put up barriers to intimacy (and I have written before about my own), we also have the ability to take them down again. We can clear it, unlock it, unchain it, open it. The enemy has no access here in our spirit. Jesus is knocking. Let’s let Him into our lives.

As we open that door of first love, the river flows out into our spirit. We surrender to the presence of God on the inside. In our spirit, there are different senses, or different actions of the spirit: we need to let the glory of God flow through these and activate them. It is the Holy Spirit coming through those gates, through those doorways in our spirit, coming out into our soul.

Fear of God, reverence, prayer, hope, faith, revelation, intuition, worship. And there is one more, our heavenly gate if you like, our access to heaven, which is back through that gate of first love into the heavenly realms, following the river of life back to its source.

The first few are to do with fellowship. The presence of God in us. Learning to identify and know God by experience of who He is, so we learn to fellowship and trust him in that place. And the others are to do with revelatory things, where God reveals Himself through us, where we see aspects of His kingdom, where we hear His voice, where we get to know what He is doing, and where He gives us visions and dreams and revelations of what He wants to do. Without the first, the second does not really function.

Fear of God

We need to understand that within us there is the all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipresent God. That is an awesome thing. God who has created the universe, and everything in it, has chosen to come and dwell within us. We become a habitation of God. We have to prepare that place for Him to dwell. The all-consuming fire of God is on the inside of us.

Fear of God is not the same as being afraid of Him. If I know God’s love, I will not be afraid of Him. But this is an awesome thing, to have Him dwell within us, and He wants us to know the awesomeness of His presence.


Honouring and respecting God. We will do nothing that will bring His Name into disrepute or dishonour. We will seek to bring honour to Him.


Prayer is not getting on our knees, putting our hands together, and finishing it off with ‘Amen’. It is about two-way communication, where the Spirit of God, where the mind of Christ, where the heart of the Father, are flowing through us in relationship. That is why praying in tongues is so important: it is our spirit praying and communicating with God. And we can do that without ceasing, if we train it to continue even when our conscious mind is elsewhere.


That sense where visions and dreams and opportunities are flowing, where God shows us His will.


Harmony, concord, understanding, knowing: where we come together in agreement with God. We start to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the power of God as He flows through us.


Inspiration, light, counsel, wisdom.

We need to activate these senses. They do not just automatically switch on. We need to be hungry and thirsty, desiring them.


Gut feeling, instinct, knowing, as the Holy Spirit reveals the Father’s heart to us.


Back through our first love gate, our connection with the heavenly realms and a consciousness of what is going on in heaven.

Now all those are great, and you can have them all wonderfully working, but without one other thing, it doesn’t mean anything. And that is worship.


Worship is not singing. It is a state of complete obedience to God. It is complete surrender and total submission to the will of God for our lives, on a daily basis. Everything else that is flowing within us will lead to us saying, ‘God I choose to surrender myself to you’. That is what He wants us to do.

‘How to’

In the past, faced with this kind of exercise to work through, most of us would have thought and prayed about what might be blocking each gateway, and asked God for help in removing it. It might have been helpful for us too: peeling off outer layers of our issues, difficulties and blockages through traditional ministry.

But that is an outside-in approach. We want to allow the flow of God to work from the inside out.

I would encourage you to find Jesus on the inside of you, and take Him with you to stand in each gateway. Work through them one at a time, perhaps one a day. And not to assume that we know what any of the names of the gateways actually mean: ask Him to show you what that gateway means to you. Most of the blockages will have come from the outside in. Ask Him what they are. Ask Him to stand with you and work with you from the inside out to unblock them and allow the glory of God to flow through them.

It is all about feeling, sensing and engaging with Him: a very different way of working, but very effective.

©2013-2015 Freedom Apostolic Resources

Discerning Daily Mandates 


We have our scroll and 7 mountains but it is important to get a mandate every day for the day to day steps. Discerning mandates is not all about seeing physically a clear picture in heaven.

Here are some ways we can discern a mandate:-

  • Entering into heavenly realms and seeing what is revealed to you. You can be led or see where your spirit wishes to engage.
  • Listening to the conviction of your spirit/conscience as you go about your day.
  • Visit the courts and ask to hear accusations.
  • Interacting with the world and sensing a righteous anger or intense desire.
  • Interacting with the body to discern the seasons and times. Sometimes your spirit just knows what is important and it is the only thing you want to do.
  • Asking Wisdom (Prov. 3) what to do in a certain situation. You can also engage the handmaidens of wisdom.
  • Engaging the arc of the covenant and four faces of lion, ox, eagle or man (priestly function).
  • Going to the court of war for a strategy.
  • Engaging the men in white linen assigned to your scroll. Joining in union with them can release something.
  • Sometimes we wake up thinking of something – that can be a heavenly mandate.
  • Engaging the angels as they are meant to bring the word of the Lord to us.
  • Visiting angels court for scrolls that have not been mandated
  • Considering what brings you joy and peace today – are you feeling like intimacy or warfare or cleansing? If you are prone to one strength though do consider a balance.
  • Look into some information on the big picture for your scroll. Discern where your scroll is going, e.g., how bad is the situation you care for?- is it getting worse? – with whom and where? See where your spirit leaps for you to play a part.
  • Going back into eternity along the timeline and asking, “What was” to bring that into “what is” so that it will become, “what will be” in the future as the future is not written yet.


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Professional Pictures 043CEO. Jane Johnson B.Com Grad Dip LD, Dip Coaching.

Founder of the ECCLESIA framework in 2013, and the Heavenly Realms Support Group. Jane has worked in many different leadership capacities from being a professionally qualified Christian Leadership Coach for 13 years to many Christian leaders, to leading a ministry with the Navigators, to being a Senior Learning and Development Manager of a multimillion corporation, advising the management team on strategic approaches to get the best out of their people. She has developed considerable experience with Investors in People taking several companies through to successful accreditation and training as a consultant for them. Hence she understands the amazing impact a tool based on this principle can have.

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