7 Spirits in the Bible and Handmaidens of Wisdom


       ( there is a chapter in Ian Claytons book Engaging Heaven on this)

http://www.newmystic.com has a book on 7 Spirits also

The Seven Spirits of God are not the Holy Spirit. They are sentinel beings designed to train us, mandate us and equip us to become sons of God.

The Spirit of the Lord is red: mandates us for position.

The Spirit of Wisdom is orange: equips us for position.

Spirit of Understanding is yellow: authorizes us for position.

Spirit of Counsel is green; prepares us for position.

Spirit of Might is blue: reveals us for position.

Spirit of Knowledge is indigo: empowers us for position.

This is  NOT the Holy Spirit, but created sentient beings from the 1st creation. Their job is to teach us, and to train us in all things that pertain to the realm of the kingdom. They will present us to the courts of the King, in His mountain, as mature mandated sons of God. From there we will rule every stratum, and every sphere.

The Spirit of the Lord: RED

The spirit of the Lord mandates us for position.

-Teaches us about positional dominion.

-Teaches how to see the reality of the dimension of the kingdom around the throne room.

-Teaches about power, about sonship, about rulership, translation, and transrelocation.

-Teaches us about bringing divine order, and divine justice out of heaven, and how to exert it upon the face of the earth.

-Anything that has to do with the glory realm of God is the spirit of the Lord, and how to exercise that dominion on the face of the earth.

The spirit of wisdom: ORANGE

The spirit of wisdom equips us for position.

-Solomon is a prime example of the spirit of wisdom in its fullest function manifested on the earth.

-Produces prosperity and delight towards God.

-Teaches us how to judge and bring justice.

-Teaches us how to exercise judgment, and justice from the throne we’ve been given as sons.

-Teaches how to bring divine order into the spirit realm, and how to bring divine justice out of the spirit realm.

-Teaches us what to do in the realm of rulership as a son.

-The spirit of wisdom releases contentment and joy for you, and all those around you.

The spirit of understanding: YELLOW

The spirit of understanding authorizes us for position.

-Teaches us where to, and how to access the realm of God.

-Teaches us how to use what we have at the right time.

-Helps us to decipher revelation and visions.

-Instructs, teaches us how to perceive, teach others, how to view, and how to inform others about the realm of the kingdom.

-Teaches us how to rule in the realms of God as a son.

The Spirit of Counsel: GREEN

The spirit of counsel prepares us for position.

-Teaches us which way to rule as a son.

-Teaches us how to access the counsels of God.

-Teaches how to consult with God.

-Teaches how to resolve issues and to bring advice from God to those around you out of the realm of the spirit.

-Teaches how to commune with God, and to obtain His advice.

-Instructs us in the function in the different counsel chambers of God.

-Teaches us about the role of advisers to God.

-Teaches us about Trinity of God, and their roles in our lives today.

The Spirit of Might: BLUE

The spirit of might reveals us for position.

-Teaches us how to exercise the supernatural realm of God to reveal the power of God, the dominion of God, and how exercise it in the earth, and in the spirit realm around us.

-Teaches us about the counsel chamber of war.

-Teaches us the secrets of how to war in the spirit realm.

-Teaches us about the heavenly places of God and how we are seated there.

-Instructs us about our seats of rulership and the governmental arenas that we operate in as a king.

-Teaches how to do the works of the kingdom.

The Spirit of Knowledge: INDIGO

The spirit of knowledge empowers us for position.

-Teaches us how to access the knowledge of God, and how to apply knowledge in the world around you.

-Enables us to become aware of our place to rule as a son of God, and what to do with what you know.

-Enables us to gain access to the knowledge about the supernatural realm of God, how they operate, and how they function.

-Teaches us how to reveal, and how to retain what we see, to process and store the information until it becomes permanent in us.

-Teaches us how to meditate and receive divine insight in revelation, visions, visitations, dreams, and also through circumstances, and how to bring God’s will to bear on the face of the earth.

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord: VIOLET

The spirit of the fear of the Lord brings accountability for position.

-Brings understanding of the awe, and the wonder, and majesty, and might, and dominion of the person of God.

-The spirit of the fear of the Lord is all about, and around the person of God.

-Teaches us about the realms of holiness, intimacy, worship, reverence, and righteousness.

-Teaches us how to access, and bring divine order, and its application to the world around us.

*Every person releases a fragrance, a vibration, and a color. If you do not have the 7 spirits of God working in your life, you will have no color.

You can access the 7 spirits of God inside your spirit man by willingly giving yourself to

be tutored by these 7. Acknowledge them, and allow yourself to be tutored by them in your spirit.



Just as Esther had 7 maidens attending her, so Wisdom has 7 maidens.

Each is a sentient being to reveal what the Spirit of Wisdom is.

1Peter 4:14 – The Spirit of Glory
The full majesty of God’s life revealed.
Empowers you for service of wisdom.
The protocol: The empowerment of heaven.

Romans 1:4 – Spirit of Holiness
The spirit of wisdom displays holiness to the world around you and through your life.
It positions you for service. eg: Solomon positioned as king.

John 16:13 – The Spirit of Truth
Mandates you for service and empowers you to understand truth for every situation in life.

Daniel 5:12 – The Spirit of Excellence.
Authorises you for service.
*This is not the excellent spirit that people strive to do in the church.
The spirit of excellence works within someone to bring divine order on the outside.

2Corinthians 4:13 – Spirit of Faith
Prepares for service: ‘You know that you know’
Divine miracles to take place without our intervention or cooperation.
Sovereignty of God.

Revelation 11:11 – Spirit of Life
Equips you for service.
Empowers you so you cannot have a bad day – everything in life becomes a joy.
Energises you so you become a son.
Life flows from us from the spirit of life, manifesting life to the world.
Being not doing.
From the being you do.

‘Give me a sign and the sign is Christ crucified in me.’

Ephesians 1:13 – Spirit of Promise
Sets you in for service.
Empowers the testimony of what God has said to become a reality in your life.

These 7 spirits are like tuning forks to empower you to come into the fulness of sonship.
The highest frequency will cause the other forks to come into harmony – tuning forks.
The 7 spirits come into harmony like forks around your life until you come into the frequency.
The more you entangle with these beings, the more you will display the Glory of God.


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