There is a functional angelic realm it is important for us to engage. We should greet them in the morning. Unless we engage it, it will never become active in our life. Every church has 2 angels in it. They don’t usually appear unless the congregation is at least partially engaging them. It is like turning on a magnet, and all the steel bits are attracted. As soon as they are acknowledged, they turn up. The kingdom realm is more interesting than the darkness realm. “Have you ever said, “Hi!”?

Angels are ministering spirits on behalf and for the saints of the Most High, they are His servants. We are sons of the most High with more authority than the servants. The servants will also serve the sons.

In 741 a.d., there was a monk engaging 190 realms of angels, names, functionality in church life, normal for it to be active around him. The church system put him on trial so that the religious system could control what was going on. So they passed a judgment that anyone who talks about angels outside of the 3 mentioned by name in the Bible is to be excommunicated, if they know the names of angels and talks about them is to be excommunicated from the church. The wider body of Christ den today does the same because operating under the same trading floor that was established in that day.
I want to teach on an area about angels that I really, really love. Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up. In Revelation there were 10 thousand times 10 thousands around the seat of the Person of God. Where does God live today? Therefore we, too, are surrounded by many thousands of angels (100 million).

I want to talk about this canopy today over the throne of God. We need some knowledge of God in these things, and we will find more and more knowledge coming over the next three and a half years, including Men in White Linen (the cloud of witnesses). We will engage one kingdom or the other. The ancient Hebrews believed that whatever you lean into becomes the source of your supply. As close to you as the air you breathe.

Constantine took away all the information about the realms and the parameters of the word of God. Before that, they knew more about the angelic realm without the NT than we have today because it was normal in early church history to interact with the angelic realm. (It is more normal today to engage the demonic realm). The provision is supplied to us through the angelic realm.

There is an amazing canopy that looks like a bee hive over the throne of God. Two cherubim cover the presence of the mercy seat, then 4 wheels (cherubim) and 4 cheruphim at the four corners, then a canopy of 100 million angels with 10 levels. The canopy displays and worships the glory of God. In Heb. lore called the canopy the ‘sipora.’ Occult take it, pollute it and feed it back to believers saying it is ‘our’ stuff. They need to be booted out of the way, because it is OUR stuff. God has set 10 layers around us, each with a specific function.

Angelic names – there are four billion names under the sun, no other name can now be created, in angelic as well as human language. When we say you cannot name angels, you are trading into the 741 a.d. curse. Not only English names. Every cultural language has its own names. The name releases and reveals things: the function, role and mandate. The key issue is reflection. Your name is the reflection of a mandate God has given you to walk with on earth. There is a new name God will give all of us (Rev. 3) Governmental provision given in these names. The new name will have a boundary in it that will put a role and function inside of you. (NOTE: Ian wears an earring because he was told to wear one to signify that he was a bondservant. He wore one in the chancellor’s court in the spirit realm. Then the Lord told him to wear it openly. He fought it, but finally obeyed. He could take it out now, as he is not a servant now, but a son.

Ten Layers: each has a central administrating angel overseeing that layer. It is broken up as 3 (bench – governmental realm) and 7 (administrators into atmosphere)
Layer 1: chayos: (holy living creatures.) There are 21 creatures I have personally encountered, not all in the Bible) We are each supposed to be facing a cherubim, too, to bring out into the atmosphere what is seen in the Father. The provision: My plum line – what I encounter must have basis on testimony of provision of God and the covenants God walks in holiness, righteous and truth. Anything else I suspect. You have to go inside out, not outside in or you will get a shock. “I am in you, you are in Me . . . John 6.” Jesus was looking from the inside looking out, not on the outside looking in. The only way to see what the Father is doing is to be inside the realm of eternity, and then all eternity begins to open up to you. The sentient angel of that first level is Metratron. He lives in the mountain of gold in Eden where the Father comes out and sheds his glory. Metratron is their administrator. He is the key maker of every door in realm of heaven. David got keys in worship. The key of David is a timeline – David could go backwards and forward in time, bringing the future into today. There is a wine-room where the record of each person, their DNA and the sound and record of who they were is stored in the wine room. You can go in and taste their wine.

Layer 2 Ophenim – the Wheels. When Ez. saw the wheels, he did not see rims, but a ball within a ball within a ball. Their administrater: Raziel (If we could harness this, we could make the ultimate power source).

Layer 3 Erelim – (the angels are appearing as he talks) (The stuff has got to be normal – children should cast out devils at the age of 8, doing what they see us doing.)
These are the Mighty Ones – the angels that get stuff done. One angel in ancient literature is 500 walking years tall. That is from here to beyond the moon. Here are 10 million in that layer. They administer the justice of heaven when court proceedings reveal something that needs to be mandated on earth: you can say, “I release the covering of the Erelim to fight for me.” (Gave example from the coast of Africa, going after a demonic gate. Ian took a step towards the gate and heard a sound behind him. He looked around and saw huge angels behind him looking at him. They all moved with him and engaged with him. The Book of Jasher tells about it, also the books of war. Each arrow and spear and shofar and shields used in battle all had angel names on them, giving them mandates and authority to function. Tzathkiel is their administrator.

Layer 4: Kashmelian: the ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Shining ones’ – they change colour like chameleons. Swirling colours that people see are actually angels, like clouds. They are very interested because they want to be around the glory on your life, so they can engage with us. There are 27 base colours in heaven while we see only 4. If we took our 4 colours and put them on piano keys, and then added all the other colour systems, the keyboard would reach from here to the moon (quantum physics fact). When you are in the kingdom, every dimension opens up in colour to you, and in the colours you have good and bad. Take the major colours of the rainbow and put them on a disk and 3800 RPM, it would turn white, the minor colours would turn grey and then black. Whatever you are engaging is seen in the angelic world as the refraction of light. We bring white light of out heaven. And so when we engage the earth, we break into 7 colours, supposed to produce white light. We are supposed to be white light beings again. Tzadkiel is their administrator. These are very funny, good sense of humour. They will really mess you up. “Do you see me? Now you don’t”

Layer 5: Seraphim: 6 wings, around the throe of God. Isaiah 6 encounter. Their role is to prepare us to go forth in ministry, to burn us with a coal of fire so our sin is purged from us and transgression are removed from us. Jesus does this here to bring us into the kingdom. There is still stuff that has to be removed, and the Seraphim prepare us from within the kingdom for service. Their leader is Gabreel

Layer 6: Malachim – kings – bring judgments of God to pass on the face of the earth. From the galactic council, you engage the Malachim to do their work as justice Uriel is their administrator.

Layer 7: Elohym, Their leader is Haniel – look like us, human form. This was in the Hebrew culture, though not in ours except for the fallen ones.

These seven layers are not the GOVERNMENTAL levels. The Bottom 3 layer are governmental, with the greatest on the bottom. (The angelic realm is often quite mischievous – showing up swinging over a beam in a church ceiling saying, “Go, Ian!” as Ian was preaching. ) Sometimes they are serious, when there is anything to do with the glory of God, but mostly they are not.

Layer 8: Ben ei Elohym: These are known as the Sons of God, that God first created. Some of them left their first estate. They hold the thrones that are not occupied, the governmental seats on the mountains and hold the portfolios until we come to maturity and they can give them to us Michael is their admin.

Layer 9: Cherubum the covering ones. They have a function in heaven around the throne We need to interact with them while we worship. “He is Holy, Holy Holy, etc.” Raphael is their administrator

Layer 10: Ishim – the closest thing to the prince warring angel of nations. They engage the supernatural kingdom for and behalf of nations. Sandelford is their administrator.
Real issue: Wherever the glory of God is, there are 100 million angels around that glory. When they manifest around the room, you have a 100 million battalion that will guard the presence of the glory of God.

There are another 70 thousand that go before you to scatter the enemy, another 100 thousand that form a rear guard. Then a personal escort of your own household: a legion, like Jesus could have asked for from His Father.

We need to begin to engage them. We have sinned in not willingly engaged the provision of God for our life with the angelic realm. Many are struggling in their Christian lives because they have not engaged. They are there to facilitate the kingdom around you, provision, protection, mandate, authorization of the kingdom, the equipping.

Another 38 additional different kinds:

Judgment angels that bring on earth, watcher angels, salvation angels, angels of His glory, angels that guard the gates, angels that carry scrolls (look like lions), angels that seal the testimonies of God, territorial angels bring mandates of God’s terrify and realm of his dominion, dispensational angels that bring time of transition, angels that bring assignments to engage kingdom on earth, angels of art, angels administrate grace, holiness, healing, gathering, bring the anointing, provision, mantles of those who walked in past, worship, blow the shofar or the sound of the voice of God, of treasury, that carry and release finances to us. incense, revival, portal angels that carry the doorways into heaven, deliverance, warring, covenant, wisdom, look like pillars, celebration, radiation of the glory of God, commemorate certain events in history, bring revelation, bring the mandate or power of God, missionary angels that look like men and preach gospel, angels that radiate the glory of God that make a way for the Father to turn up.

Angels are afraid of those who carry the glory of the presence of God, look in wonder, unable to understand that the God of eternity has taken a portion of His realm and put it into us. That realm of eternity in us is so fascinating to them, they gather around us and watch for this to unfold, so that they can serve us as true sons of God.
Joan of Ark came into the room this evening as we were worshiping, trading into the glory of the moment of presence of God and the army raised up in our nation, during our worship, and brought many angels with her. That is why the atmosphere became very heavy at one point. They were looking to see if there has been a platform formed that they can move on.


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CEO. Jane Johnson B.Com Grad Dip LD, Dip Coaching.

Jane has worked in many different leadership capacities from being a professionally qualified Christian Leadership Coach for 13 years to many Christian leaders, to leading a ministry with the Navigators, to being a Senior Learning and Development Manager of a multimillion corporation, advising the management team on strategic approaches to get the best out of their people. She has developed considerable experience with Investors in People taking several companies through to successful accreditation and training as a consultant for them. Hence she understands the amazing impact a tool based on this principle can have.

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