Places in the heavenly realms – moving from Glory/Prophetic Movement to the Order of Melchezidek

11219301_1450431945259698_234507348487336131_nWritten by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework

This is a compilation of concepts from those discerning the blueprint coming out of the heavenly realms.

You can use these concepts to find the appropriate podcast under that name. You can print it off and use it as a checklist of places to set your desire on to visit .

If you wish to see some foundational topics then visit for  pathway for new people. We are a governmental hub seeking to be a resource centre about the heavenly blueprint for the Ecclesia.

  • We are designed as Sons having responsibility for Dominion over the earth (gen 3) not just intimacy to restore earth as it is in heaven.
  • We can access the inner court and holy of holies now, beyond the veil,  we don’t have to wait until death (see engaging heaven by  Ian Clayton at sons of thunder). “We are seated with Christ in the heavenly realms”
  • Everything comes out of Christ being our first love( enter through first love gate).
  • Understanding how to divide our soul from our spirit to finally allow them to come into union.
  • There are 9 voices that mediate for us to give us the right to enter the courts immediately – not when we have cleansed our gateways.
  • Opening  our gateways is an ongoing process to be done in heavenly realms  not a one off process.
  • Restoring and exercising our crowns, e.g. life, righteousness, glory, incorruptible crown from yielding, crown of anointing oil , crown of rejoicing, the servant king crown (see engaging heaven book). When we have crowns we can trade for government.
  • Everything out of Love, Culture of Honor and a Servant heart (although we are not servants).  We seek to move from Lordship (ruling our mountain) to Kingship (judging gods courts) to Sonship (being able to create), away from orphan and slave.
  • With intimacy comes responsibility,  so going into the courts to legislate is important and taking authority over our 7 mountains.
  • Principle of Zech 3: how to follow my laws, walk in his ways, judge my house, judge my courts and protocol of entering in the courts.
  • Understanding of the four faces of God – Lion( King) Ox (prophetic), Eagle (Apostolic), Man.
  • We can go to wisdoms heights and ask for protocol ( proverbs 3) and step in wisdom and the pillars.
  • Understand and honor (not worship) the 7 spirits of God , role of  Angels Men in White Linen and the Cloud of witnesses and how  we can work with them to assist our scroll.
  • 7 spirits are different Colors.
  • We can mandate angels for our major court cases when we know our scrolls and have authorisation from the court of chancellors and it is put into law by the court of scribes.
  • Understanding of positive and negative trading floors  and everything coming out of rest (not our strength but the fathers).
  • Communion more about changing our DNA than remembrance.
  • Setting ourselves as boundary stones to provide protection. 1 Sam 7
  • Accessing heavenly realms is voluntary but the process of repentance and agreeing with the accuser is important as is  gathering our royal armaments for coronation.18796_1449923101977249_185850677502023187_n
  • Understanding transformation through seed line cleansing, DNA transforming, the importance of the blood and Jesus as mediator, obtaining our investiture in heaven.
  • Understanding of  the Garden of God and the Garden in our heart. Responsibility for tendering the garden in our heart (sowing seeds of righteousness).
  • Understanding of peoples scroll/ call/ mandate / mountains is fundamental.
  • Understanding the importance of establishing a marriage covenant with God (what will you promise to god?).
  • Four chambers of the heart (see Ian Clayton podcast) – bridal chamber, dance floor, soaking room, and gods garden.
  • Understanding of finding God in the Dark Cloud, in the Arc,  the Matrix of water, On Gods Mountain and the Tent of Meeting.
  • Accessing Satans trading floor scroll room and training room. 
  • Establishing Benches of 3 (kingly strategic , apostolic, prophetic) based on model of the Father, Son and Holy spirit.
  • Benches of 7 (as in seven spirits) are used for teams involving elders rather than boards of business people.
  • Understand Benches of 12  (12 laws of Zion, 2×12 =24 elders).
  • Understands Mountains are areas of authority/dominion. We have 7 mountains.
  • Sonship and Kingship underp11188340_1449748901994669_3897829647298330200_nin 5 fold ministries.
  • We can approach the throne of grace.
  • Establishing pillars of fire, entering in the river of fire, trading floors and trading  from the fiery stones.
  • Understanding the 7 domains  of heaven from the menorah and difference between domain, government and presence of God.
  • Moving from outer court to inner court to increase intimacy.
  • Understanding the different courts, (court of angels, mobile court, court of war, court of chancellors, court of kings, court of scribes, court of the lord, bench of 70, court of fathers and court of men in white linen).
  • Everyone has a voice not just leaders ( priesthood of all believers).
  • Understanding the role of the Hand of God and the Breath of God. When we raise our hand in heaven we are exercising authority.
  • We don’t ask for the glory to come down to us but the glory is inside us.
  • As we mature we deal with principalities  rulers and powers (Giants and dragons) to restore dominion.
  • Spiritual gifts are the less perfect way.
  • Becoming an oracle declaring what has been seen over the arc.
  • We begin to understand the nature of the chancellors houses and how they must come into alignment to release the house of scrolls.
  • Frame the future by setting our desire on it and go back in time and reset it.
  • Dealing with familiar spirits in our gateways.
  • Go through baptisms of Glory, Fire, Death, Repentance , Water , Holy Spirit,  and Fathers. 
  • Leaves of the tree of life are for healing of nations and open gateways for nations healing. We can  choose to eat those.
  • Engaging wisdom and her 7 handmaidens , spirit of truth, glory, excellence , promise, holiness, faith and life.
  • Engaging the seven spirits: counsel , understanding , wisdom, might, fear of lord , knowledge, and the spirit of God.
  • Going to the judgement seat of Christ and the throne of grace.
  • Coming into agreement with the scrolls of the men in white linen, e.g. Moses, and abram.
  • Engaging Jesus as our brother.
  • Receiving a new name and investiture – we require a name to access the mountain of God.
  • Receiving a ring of eternity (Haggai 2:23).
  •  Embedding 12 stones into your breast-plate.
  • Becoming a pillar rev 3:12.
  • Building a nest in the covering of the tree of life.

Presenting Cases (can be done as a group or individually)

  • Honour the cloud of witnesses, men in white linen, Jesus our mediator, angels.
  • We need to remove legal rights of the enemy by coming into agreement with the accuser. We can ask what accusations are against us. Matt 5:25.
  • First make sure of your scroll (calling) and you have a mandate to deal with an issue( can ask to go into the scroll room).
  • Prepare a case (considering facts, words, dreams, verses and words of wisdom) and hear the accusations – this can be done together (See Robert Henderson You Tubes).
  • Accept and agree with the guilt.
  • Verdict is released.
  • Can ask a seer to see what has happened in the spiritual realms after. Many see principalities slayed.

Visit for more info and Facebook group to explain these further.

Operating in the courtrooms of heaven by Henderson gives a full biblical basis for court procedure.


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