Myths and heresies in church today

It is with a sad heart that we at the ecclesia framework write this article but felt the leading of the spirit to spell this out for the done with church and God’s heart to return  to a pure ecclesia  modelled in the heavenly realms. These are ones I have seen numerous examples of in my work as a Christian leadership coach.

We also saw a hard heart when contacting over 750 churches where few showed any openess to consider what they were doing despite figures like 65m in America alone being done with church but in love with God.

It is our conclusion that the majority of church practice is not biblical and not a good learning environment and has lost significant influence in society as a result . We are often keeping Christians busy thinking they are learning about God and serving him in church but dominion in society is the real biblical purpose and restoring  it to “as it is in heaven.”

Traditional church models are not good learning models with little evaluation done of whether people are growing. A lot is based around numbers attending which is not a good signal that people are really having dominion over the earth or loving. Many social projects are done on a small scale whereas working with more professional operations can increase the visibility of Christians and impact on a greater scale. (More principles to

  •  We need to go to a church in one fixed location for years – organic constantly changing and morphing was the OT and New Testament model
  • Church is face to face otherwise it is not real discipling
  • Real ministry is done in church not in everyday life so our calling is not that important as we are serving church vision
  • If we question anything in church it is not honouring – debate was part of early church and is healthy to stop heresy
  • The bible is the be all and end all. Jesus is the word of God and to fully hear from God we must know how to recognise the Father’s voice. We can make the bible say many things by using it out of context. A lot of teachers only know what they were taught in college
  • We support the pastors vision
  • We must tithe all our money to the local church
  • Paying pastors salary is biblical- helping the poor was priority not buildings in the bible.
  • Bringing people into church is the best form of discipling
  • Worship is singing songs written by others – worship is being a living sacrifice . Praise and thanksgiving should come from our own lips from genuine reflection on the goodness of God like the cherubim over the arc.
  • Finances are private in churches. Accountability and excellence are biblical models.
  • Boards of business men or young elders  over a church is biblical
  • You submit to the leaders. Mutual submission is biblical.


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JaneJohnson new smallCEO. Jane Johnson B.Com Grad Dip LD, Dip Coaching.

Jane has worked in many different leadership capacities from being a professionally qualified Christian Leadership Coach for 13 years to many Christian leaders, to leading a ministry with the Navigators, to being a Senior Learning and Development Manager of a multimillion corporation, advising the management team on strategic approaches to get the best out of their people. She has developed considerable experience with Investors in People taking several companies through to successful accreditation and training as a consultant for them. Hence she understands the amazing impact a tool based on this principle can have.

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One thought on “Myths and heresies in church today

  1. I completely agree with these. I have become more and more disillusioned with the organized church as it is today. I am sure that God intended for more for His kingdom. The world is not running into the organized church to get saved, instead the church members are running out the doors in droves. I have felt the calling from God to go deeper, come up higher, and to awaken to all that I’m called to be. I’m not hearing that in the church. I’m hearing do more, give more, and come to more meetings. The spirit of religion has become so pervasive in the church, even spirit-filled churches, that being a Christian is becoming drudgery. I have been throwing off the shackles of this bondage, though I am still in a church for now, as I wait for God to show me the next phase.

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