Wanted hangout group leaders and mentors/ coaches

Want to help others grow in an online messenger group ??church-family-images-_4440318_orig

We are looking for people who feel fairly competent and like sharing experiences and helping answer questions around heavenly realms. Join a great community currently around 40 odd people . Managing the group in future is an option

Anyone else welcome to join – just message us privately and befriend Jane johnson on Facebook to join –

Think your calling may be around SETTiNG up a hub in the future ?

We have a messenger group to support you too and understand the heavenly blueprint. Just mention that private message to the group.

WHAT IS COACHING?coaching-signage

Basic Concept-

A – Where you are now.

B – How you are going to get there.

C – Where you want to go.

Coach facilitates coming up with own solutions not giving answers as often own answers are not appropriate for that personality or circumstances – assumption people know what is best for them and can discern this from God

Coaching can involve concepts such as-

  • moving forward, setting goals, keeping you on track, overcoming obstacles,
  • providing resources for moving forward,
  • planning time, directing to professional help, clarity, self-awareness, sounding board, challenge, validation, encouragement/enthusing

Expanding opportunities as opposed to solving crisis situations. If crisis may need to refer to specialist such as eating disorders, depression,

One Commonly Used Process – GROW MODEL

  • Goals – (where do you want to get to) – SMART Goals – (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)
  • Reality – (where are you now)
  • Options – (Strategy)
  • Way forward – (Action points, Time frame, Evaluation of Options, Checking Obstacles and Motivation.

A. Mentoring-

  • drawing on own experience, not necessarily saying that you recommend doing this

B. Coaching-

  • Independent- keep questioning until they come up with solution, assuming they know best. Can ask about scriptures that they know of or what they feel God is asking of them. Important that listening, questioning and reflecting back represents 80% of the conversation not putting your own point of view or preaching at someone.

C. Discipling-

  • Bringing in more scriptures, maybe words, prophecy, looking at whole walk and assessing elements to work on and including prayer.

D. Consulting-

  • Expert giving advice- recommended course of action- in-depth analysis of situation and then often a report is presented

E. Counselling-

  • Many different models but often more of an emphasis on drawing on past- fixing problem,
  • often -expert presenting solution after questioning,
  • Not so action orientated and goal focused,
  • more dealing with acute, crisis situations rather than trying to make something better.
  • Helps deal with stumbling blocks or fear/ confidence
  • More likely to see change as there is accountability
  • Tailored to an individual where they are – as opposed to teaching
  • Deals with sabotaging behaviour not just knowledge or skills
  • Provides encouragement and acknowledgement which are so important to growth
  • Challenges individual to move out of their comfort zone but can also be a reality check.

To review the studies included in the Framework and find out why we have concluded these things you will need to see the notes which are available for download here.

Please also share our blog to allow others to review and contribute – we need everyone, not just leaders, to play their part in building a church that others want to come to.

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JaneJohnson new smallCEO. Jane Johnson B.Com Grad Dip LD, Dip Coaching.

Jane has worked in many different leadership capacities from being a professionally qualified Christian Leadership Coach for 13 years to many Christian leaders, to leading a ministry with the Navigators, to being a Senior Learning and Development Manager of a multimillion corporation, advising the management team on strategic approaches to get the best out of their people. She has developed considerable experience with Investors in People taking several companies through to successful accreditation and training as a consultant for them. Hence she understands the amazing impact a tool based on this principle can have.

Connect with her on LinkedIn at


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