The incredible impact of One-on-One Discipling versus Spiritual Addition Models

From the CEO of the Ecclesia Framework

JaneJohnson new smallWe are excited to see our visits to our site have massively increased as people see how much transformation is needed in the body of christ ands it is everyones responsibility to understand what form of ecclesia is biblical. We are in a period of great transition but there are many new organic forms of the ecclesia rising up using resources from all parts of the body across the world ( not just restricting themselves to one source of input which can be spiritually limiting).

The writings of Jesus and the apostle Paul show us how important the model of discipling is to effective training and how real multiplication can only take place through oneon-one discipling. This is shown by Jesus spending a large proportion of his time with the 12 disciples and in particular the three.

Jesus knew he would not reach the world by preaching alone and that he needed to raise up good men who were equipped to train and teach others. (2 Tim 2:2). Although this seems to be a slower method on the surface, in the long run, through the process of multiplication it is much faster( see the stats below).

It is also  one of the most effective method of encouraging people to stay in the church as people stay for relationship mainly . It also allows for people to be alerted if they are losing their faith. We may then have a method of dealing with the lost sheep.

the_church_body_400_clr_8912This has been promoted and practiced by the Navigators for decades. See the difference between Spiritual Addition and Spiritual Multiplication.

Results of Spiritual Addition V Multiplication    

Spiritual AdditionReach 100 people for Christ each day MultiplicationWin, Build  & Send One Person Every 6m














1,024 (thousand)





1,048,576 (million)



268,435,456 ( million)

If we are sending out we may not see the numbers in our church but what counts is the quality of the disciple following their highest calling and impacting thechurch growth kingdom.

For more great notes on methods that work – ask for a copy of the framework.

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