Governance of New Ecclesia’s

This is a compilation of what many have seen in heaven as the heavenly blueprint.

 It is open to others adding or debating these principles. A strong foundation is paramount to building a healthy ecclesia  and evaluating it regularly with all sons.


  • The order of Melkezidek supersedes the Five- fold earthly ministry so we all have elements of the apostolic, kingly, and prophetic functions.
  • Intimacy with the Trinity is critical as a base for purity of motives.
  • Spiritual Fathering and allowing others to rise above the mentor is foundational. ( multiplication not spiritual addition)
  • We are part of all one body regardless of location, moving away from denominations, networks or paid apostolic covering (full unity not partial).
  • No hierarchy– we are all powerful sons so moving  away from the traditional senior  pastor role instigated by Constantine in 300 ad
  • Plural oversight and decision making by consensus restoring the headship of Christ
  • Open participatory gatherings with mutual  edification in gatherings moving away from predominance on sermons- each bringing revelation, teaching , song ,testimony (1cor 14:26)
  • Benches of 3 are established for all mountains   (kingly strategic, apostolic, prophetic) based on model of Father, Son ,Holy spirit.
  • Benches of 7 (as in the  seven spirits) are used for the Mountains of the Ecclesia.
  • Benches of 12 are used   ( drawn from the 12 laws of Zion, 2×12 =24 elders, 12 stones on breastplate, 12 strands of DNA).
  • We seek to first find out what the father wants in heaven and don’t administrate from earth but learn to administrate from heaven.
  • We all  see our role as the one new man to restore dominion over the earth therefore responsibility for our mountains  is important not just intimacy and encounters in the inner court.
  • Understanding difference between Domain of God , the Government of God and the Presence of God . 
  • We seek to take things to the courts of heaven rather than pray on the earth
  • Accountability is important
  • Establishing us as  pillars of fire on earth
  • We need the  BAPTISM OF UNITY . All one church under Christ across the world so  looking for agreement is critical –not just doing our own thing, ignoring or not promoting others.
  • All People are allowed a strong voice not just leaders as we are all powerful sons and mutual subjection is a strong biblical principle.
  • We must all be clear on our  Mountains of authority
    and the level of authorisation we have rather than choosing to pray for things outside our jurisdiction.
  • We seek guidance by Revelation backed up by the word rather than academic exposition of the word.
  • No ecclesia provides spiritual covering – only Jesus is our spiritual covering.
  • Reconsidering membership as we are all part of Christ’s body and this can drive the formation of denominations.
  • Reconsider owning buildings that stop a church evolving easily and organically.
  • Leaders are facilitators rather than having authority to exercise- Looking to empower rather than insisting  things are approved by them. Strong disciples are made by being exposed to debate.
  • Mutual submission to one another not to an organisation or leader ie two way
  • We are all ordained – no ordination required
  •  Facilitating people to find and live out their scroll/ call is important not just how to connect with God.
  •  Moving away from condemnation  of others ministries including non-Christian groups but looking for areas of agreement as all receive some parts of the truth.
  • An Ecclesia that is Missional, existing for those who do not currently believe, more than to support existing believers
  • An Ecclesia that encourages people to go to the inner court  before becoming dependent on prophecy, ministry, prayer or supernatural manifestations.( ie.  not just staying in the outer court )
  • Community with a purpose (communitas) not just community.
  • Evangelists teaching us how to reach out not just doing evangelism ministry themselves
  • We are not to idol worship teachers or apostles but learn to access heaven ourselves so moving away from celebrity ministries .
  • Equipping of  all the Saints versus equipping for a leadership team vision.
  •  People encouraged to give “gifts and offerings” to the whole body not just the local chuch-  that are voluntary that come from honour and love – moving away from a duty offering of 10% (which may be above  10%)
  • People can conduct their own deliverance in the courts . People encouraged to take responsibility for keeping their gates open rather than deliverance being a one off activity.
  • Going into heaven together and coming into agreement can open gates.
  • Returning to the original meaning of teaching as “debating”


  • We are moving into the concept of the one new man , where we are working in unity across the world ,given responsibility by God to create , as our DNa is restored to light and gold.
  • We operate as a  family not a collection of same ideals so we are all free to disagree and have a right to debate culture
  • Servant hearted leaders and  seeking  more to understand than to be understood
  • Faithfulness 
  • Netweaving versus linear  reporting 
  • Empowerment of all versus vetting and requiring permission of the leaders.Where people are accepted for who they are and immediately able to serve based on calling and gifts not relationship.
  • Culture of Honor  seeks to meet in the middle in decision making
  •  Recognising  that each is made in the image of God and holds strands of gods dna that we need to learn from.
  • We are able to choose what is right for us so we do not  withhold material from people or judge what material meets our standards- we are all powerful to make that decision ourselves.
  • Culture of honour sticks with the relationship even in disagreement, so does not withhold friendship
  •  Finding how you may promote others work not viewing it with suspicion.
  •  All sons are powerful , able with the spirit to discern right from wrong and become stronger if we are exposed to a variety of concepts and allowed to debate them. Acknowledging we all carry aspects of the kingdom in us that are worth listening to. Moving away from overprotective shepherding .

    Seek to take initiative in relationship conveying that each person is worth knowing and listening to.

    This move of God is about honouring the ordinary often hidden person , not celebrity speakers. Encouraging testimonies, asking opinions, inviting collaboration .

Possible Processes

  • Facilitators build relationship with the people and facilitate their scrolls taking initiative starting a relationship
  • Asking what the people want to see in a survey.
  • We could review the level of love felt by people and ensuring we are reaching out not expecting people to chase us. ( building a review process with the people )
  • We could place more focus on finding transformation outcomes than attendance measures.
  • Understand about the value of functional roles more than roles around ministry( see framework notes)
  • Including lots of opportunities to practise recognising that we learn more  through practise  than academic learning.( encouraging application)
  • Provide pathways to growth for people at different levels.
  • People are free to bring a word, song, picture testimony or a piece of scripture to read in gatherings.  Time given to hear from God prophetically in the main meeting (1 Corinthians 14.26).
  • Where all can see  written values and an invitation is made to hold facilitators accountable to these values.
  • Using other resources from outside its walls to grow the body and offering to support other ministries without being asked.

Possible values of an Ecclesia

  • Intimacy with God.
  • Replicating as it is in heaven.
  • Raising up the new generation through fathering.
  • Legislating in heaven and responsibility on earth.
  • Only doing what we have a mandate for.
  • Love and honour your neighbour as yourself.
  • We are all one body across the world not just one location therefore freedom to access resources elsewhere.
  • Facilitation and Mutual subjection to one another moving away from clergy / laity divide.

Please refer to books such as Reimagining Church by Viola and Ian Clayton Engaging Heaven for biblical exposition. 


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