An ecclesia we could see

To help you understand the framework here are some examples of an ecclesia we could see. 

  • An ecclesia that understands the deeper meaning of Ecclesia and the Priesthood of ALL believers.
  • An ecclesia that is missional, existing for those who do not currently believe,  more than to support existing believers.
  • An ecclesia that understands discipling to a deep level and the principle of reproduction.
  • An ecclesia that builds community with a purpose not just community.
  • An ecclesia that places more focus on transformation outcomes than attendance measures.
  • An ecclesia that understands about the value of functional roles more than roles around ministry
  • An ecclesia that recognises the greatest growth happens through practise more than academic learning.
  • An ecclesia that knows what it takes to engage and equip, providing pathways to growth.
  • An ecclesia that understands that the greatest conversions come from the younger generation and so devote key resources in this area.
  • An ecclesia where people are free to bring a word, song, picture testimony or a piece of scripture to read in services.  Time given to hear from God prophetically in the main meeting (1 Corinthians 14.26).
  • An ecclesia that has strong processes in place for enabling people to find their calling and is proactively supporting people in their calling.
  • An ecclesia where all can see and  pray together  over its strategy.
  • An ecclesia that encourages the application of the word just as much as the preaching of it.
  • An ecclesia where everyone understands “who they are in Christ” and how to engage with Gods presence.
  • An ecclesia where people are accepted for who they are and immediately encouraged to serve.flowchart
  • An ecclesia that is not afraid to use other resources from outside its walls to grow
  • An ecclesia that communicates it goals, strategies, values and virtues clearly to the congregation and seeks to find out if it is meeting them regularly. Then re-evaluates.
  • An ecclesia who knows how to engage the courts of heaven.
  • An ecclesia that understands that only 5% of the population are now committed Christians and wants to play their part in releasing and providing resources to change that by empowering people in the marketplace to be Christ.
  • An ecclesia that sees the need for change in its style of presentation, to constantly evolve and reflect cultural trends.
  • An ecclesia where one on one discipling is encouraged, as modeled by Jesus and Paul.
  • An ecclesia that actively seeks out feedback from members and allows the body to participate in decision making
  • An ecclesia strong on encouraging outreach and evangelism, whilst developing training to teach others how to witness.
  • An ecclesia that is constantly encouraged to greet, encourage and release new people to serve the church.
  • An ecclesia that understands the effectiveness of Church Planting and Church Multiplication Strategies.
  • An ecclesia that is visible in the community and involved in the community.

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