Prophetic Picture

This was a word/picture I was given. I believe we are suffering for not heeding these warnings.

I saw a large Bowl with water being stirred up. This represented the mixing of churches. The water was bubbling over and splashing on the surface making craters on the surface because it was so hot.

I see he wants a new level of collaboration of respect of trust for one another – no working alone not drawing on resources of others.

I see he wants leaders empowering others in such.

A way that they diminish whilst the youngsters rise. Where there is no longer the toil, new ideas will come and be birthed with speed.

No long labour and as some animals grow really quickly after birth so will some ministries.

Time for harvest is here-
Time for sowing is over
Reaping is at hand
So don’t hold back with
Meet collaborate , don’t judge
Open your hearts to new people who will have the key to your ministry
Take heed for their will be a period of grace after that I will come like Jesus turning the tables over in the temple
I will not stop till I have seen justice in my church. People no longer held back no longer ignored or unseen.

I want leaders to be held accountable and to allow inspection and challenge. People’s hearts are often where I myself am and so listen to them. You are not to take too much authority but recognise I have given you authority only by grace of god and not be abused. All my people contain part of me and you need them to make the picture whole

So come and do not keep yourself isolated from the people. Mix amongst them and see where your people hurt. There is much hurt in the church and frustration that I will no longer tolerate. These things must stop. Love is the overriding factor – not ministry – if my people are not loved their is no point.

Notice those not loved and seek to honour those.

For great is the person who lifts those above them- there is the honour –

The word has a place but not over other things. Prayer must be central as is providing leaders who can take over- home grown leaders are much better.

Open your eyes and see for The Lord is truly amongst his church

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