A funny illustration to question what have we done to Church?

I thought you might all like to read an extract below from another author I came across on Organic Church. Mike Mooney he is really good, very refreshing to read his book and very freeing its called ‘An Outsiders Guide To The Gospel’.

It may indicate how religious our rituals have become as Christians and question whether we have sucked some of the life out of our gatherings and made them “meetings’.


One day Barry the good Christian was talking a walk when he bumped into Jesus. It was a quite a shock at first, but he was excited to hear that Jesus wanted to spend the day with him. What luck, to have God actually with him!

The first thing he did when they arrived at his apartment was stand in front of Jesus for  twenty five minutes and sing love songs to him. This. Was. Awkward.

After worship Barry informed Jesus it was now time for them to have communion. Jesus smiled, stood up and asked enthusiastically where the wine was.

This. Was. Awkward.

Barry informed Jesus very nicely that communion was actually done with grape juice, as this was the biblical way, and Barry always followed the Bible. Jesus seemed to roll his eyes, but Barry wasn’t sure. Jesus then asked what they planned on eating for fellowship. Barry produced two tiny pieces of a cracker.

When Jesus asked why they were drinking grape juice out of a shot glass and holding a tiny piece of cracker, Barry decided it was best to ignore Jesus for a moment while he enjoyed communion. For Barry, it was a great moment of connection. Meanwhile, Jesus was still asking where the wine was.

Next, Barry sat Jesus down, as he wanted to share a three-point sermon with him about how to live a better Christian life. He was very focused on the Bible, and pointed out several verses that supported what he was preaching. Jesus asked if they could have a simple conversation instead. Barry laughed, thinking Jesus was joking. After ten minutes Jesus actually fell asleep. Barry falsely assumed he was simply in a deep meditation due to the anointed message, and so continued for another thirty minutes. At the end, he politely woke Jesus up.

After Barry was sure Jesus was awake and listening, he become very serious as he began his altar call. He asked Jesus, very convincingly, if he wanted to accept himself into his heart. In fact, he kept on asking with increasing pressure until Jesus raised his hand, upon which he prayed for Jesus to receive his salvation. Barry was very proud of himself-just wait until his prayer group heard about this!

After Jesus got saved by Barry, he was given a form to fill out all his contact details. Once Barry got all his details he strategically walked Jesus towards the door. It seemed that Jesus wanted to hang out for longer, but why? Hadn’t they already done everything important to the Christian fellowship experience?

Barry gave his best Christian smile, invited Jesus back at the same time, same place the following week. Jesus, however, didn’t understand his nice Christian smile actually meant, Its time for you to leave now, and so he remained standing there, explaining that there was still plenty of time left in the day to hang out.

This. Was. Awkward.

After Jesus Finally got the hint and left, Barry sat on his couch, exhausted. Ninety minutes with Jesus, he was convinced was enough for one week.

How awkward would it be to go through all of these religious practices if Jesus was actually with us, like in the story above? But he is with us, that’s the kicker. That’s the whole point. He is actually with us. One of the main revelations Christ came to reveal is that God is with us.

DO let us know if you have any positive comments about how you my want to do something different in future.

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