From the CEO of the Church Excellence Framework

We are pleased to announce we have developed a diagnostic tool and now have the framework free to download  as well as a copy of the case behind the framework. We are finding there is a significant interest now in what we are doing and feel confirmed from the Lord that it is time for reformation of the church in preparation for coming times. It is a time of exceptional revelation too about things that have not been discussed in churches for centuries. Please can I encourage you to have an open mind and research things in depth before forming conclusions. We always have to fight religiosity to allow the Father to move.

One of the indicators in the framework is  ” Leaders evaluate if they are being overprotective”.  The following research backs up the need for this to be considered.

Barna Group suumarises research as  to SONY DSCwhy people are disconnecting with church in the newly released Book “You Lost Me” by David  Kinnaman.

The reasons are summarized as :-

  • Overprotective
  • Shallow
  • Antiscience
  • Repressive
  • Exclusive
  • Doubtless


  • young generation want to reimagine, recreate, and  be innovators. The church is seen as A CREATIVE KILLER.


The most common  perception of churches in the research was that they are boring. Easy platitudes leaving  them with no idea of the gravity and power of following Christ. Few can connect their faith with their gifts, abilities and passions.  So what they see does not give them a sense of calling.

We have a calling tool available at this site for free that can be distributed as a newsletter link. Can we move to offer a range of tools that can really move people quickly to a deeper level. We are all one body therefore should we really be seeing a lot of resources offered in church?


Many have come to the conclusion science and faith are incompatible. As we know this is not the case so if we could stimulate debate around this , could this  dissuade people from  making quick conclusions?  Offering a selection of books on your site that could address this in a deeper way may be of help.  Can we go beyond just offering a sermon and a small group? Coaching( one on one discipling) can also be a great place to have this discussion with people.  These are serious issues for the church so a thought out strategy could produce endless fruit.


Religious rules are perceived as stifling particularly in the area of sex. If we could show love first and that what ever they do they are welcome , then we could focus on getting a personal relationship with Christ established which will ultimately motivate this area to change.


They have been shaped by a culture of openmindedness, tolerance and acceptance. They want to find areas of common ground.

As we can be secure in what we believe, and acceptance is paramount in the gospel can we offer love first before discussing lifestyle. The person has to be ready to change and therefore  is challenging before people are ready counterproductive?


Young and former Christians  say church is not a place to express doubts.  Many are concerned over the response to doubt that they can be talked out of it.

Everyone is on a growth curve – do we need to learn more coaching techniques and less statements and opinions or mentoring before we have permission.

How can we create a community that helps this generation face its doubts?


The Framework seeks to offer ways of increasing debate, building on the principle of priesthood of all believers , builds on love as the overriding principle, promotes ways to increase the amount of  one on one discipling so these issues can be worked out. We can teach people how to share their story of what Christ has done for them in a way that opens people up. We have experienced something uniquely special but often we are  not taught how to share it these days. One of the indicators is prioritising growth and so what would happen if we made this a priority to address in our churches? There is a great study guide that goes with this.

Check out to request the notes to understand where the framework is coming from. We may only be offering this for a limited period to the public.

You may wish to bring this to your pastor and ask to discuss with him so promoting more accountability to the congregation.


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