New Diagnostic Tool to Assess the Health of your Church. Is your Church conducting any Church Health Exercises?

BLOG from CEO of Church Excellence Framework

We are very excited to announce that we have put together a simple diagnostic tool to direct attention to a few key elements that have been shown to produce the greatest impact. This has come from collating the best practices from multiple studies. We think it offers a unique tool that is comprehensive in a way that is not offered by many others. It can beBUILDING A Church that is relevant for future generations backed up by actual research on actual churches and population studies. When we look at the questions it directs us to a few critical activities which are often not carried out by the bulk of churches.

So we ask the question-  are we directing our time to things that are not making the greatest impact?

Resources and time are often scare so it is crucial leaders really consider in detail their strategy and ask if it is based on best practice today or is it strategies that worked before but are not working today. Leaders can  often be the ones doing the implementation and so not direct much of their time to strategic planning. This is where it is key for many believers to be asking their church what church health activities they are doing. We all have a part to play to support hard working pastors who are often overwhelmed.

We must be constantly contextualising our operations to stay relevant. Many view church as so outdated – we can fight this by showing that we are aware of the latest research . We have also followed many patterns based on incorrect biblical premises for centuries. We sense God leading us to a new reformation of church where there is a greater role for the believer. If we work to mobilise the committed we are confident we can see a radical improvement in our impact.

In studying church operations it has come to my attention that many have mentors but not leadership coaches. To run an effective and healthy church we have to constantly be in touch with the current world. Leadership Coaches are trained  in extracting good strategies from their client that are relevant to where they are at. They can be crucial in helping a church  conduct  vital church health exercises. Constantly re-evaluating is critical to avoid stagnation and traditionalism.  The early church was constantly adapting and using people. We see that with the massive growth in Asian countries. They move fast, raise disciples fast and are not scared to promote. Jesus was not scared to use the average person and with belief built them into mighty leaders.

We have now collated  lots of research from well-respected and longstanding studies to draw up a diagnostic tool to assess the health of your church. Do pass this on to church board members, pastors and people concerned with strategy in your church. The more churches we can get looking at key strategies and not repeating things that don’t  work, the healthier our nation will be. Starting at rebuilding the temple is the first step .

Diagnostic Tool to assess the most effective place to start church health initiatives

  • Do you put good resources into children and youth work as this is where the greatest conversions come from?
  • Do you have a  clear outline of where you are going in the next few years?
    •  People want a community with real purpose where they can serve and grow.
  • Do you have transformation outcomes rather than attendance measures?church growth
  • Do you have a Church planting strategy as this has been shown in surveys to be where the most growth comes from?
  • Is your church missional in the sense that its existence is based around reaching those not currently in the church or is it needs based?
  • Have you considered organic church models and principles  as ones that represent the early church model more closely?
  • Do you know what the younger generation want ?
  • Do you support people’s calling and provide processes, not just give them a job in the church ?
  • Do you teach them how to share their faith in the marketplace not just invite friends to church?
  • Do you find out if you are meeting people’s needs in your church and what they say about how you are meeting the values of the church? Authenticity is massive now.
  • Do you delegate and empower people so they are engaged not just spectators?
  • Do you provide a clear pathway to growth?
  • Do you seek to have a balance of all major areas of church life and work on the weakest area as this will be where the fallout will occur? (see NCD material for backup)
  • Do you inspire a sense of Church ownership?
  • Do you provide a chance to serve those in need?
  • Do you encourage people to take responsibility for their own growth and not just rely on what church offers?
  • Do you encourage creativity in methods by using all talents and empower people to go out on their own?

Score 1 point if you meet the indicator fully, half if partially, and then add the score in total

You can then work on those areas that you were unable to tick after prioritizing them

If in doubt begin developing some good transformation outcomes of what you want to see in the lives of others and begin expressing your desire to see various areas grow. The more that can be given to others the greater the growth. The notes of the framework can explain examples and more of what to watch out for.


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