Summary of Key strategies for Growth from our research data- How much does your pastor know?

 Barna a well-known american researcher quotes in his  study 

  •  2/3 unchurched Americans say they are spiritual peoplechurch growth
  • More than ½ say their faith is important to them
  • 99% are aware of Christianity and 69 % hold a favourable view of it

YET nearly half see no value in attending a church.

People want GOD it would seem but not how church is doing it.  If we change we could win them back. People will always need some form of church. Here are some of the key strategies that have come out of our research across a lot of studies and  organisations.

  • Put good resources into children and youth workers as this is where the greatest conversions come from
  • Develop a clear outline of where you are going in the next few years as people want to know where they are going and what distinguishes you from another church. Why should they invest their time and money in this church?  People want a community with real purpose where they can serve and grow.
  • If you want real growth consider Church planting as this has been shown in surveys to be where the most growth comes from and future generations do not want large auditoriums but more sanctuaries where they can find God.
  • Planting by going out to serve the community not your own internal project making others come to you. Generates an outward looking church and one that knows how to relate outside.
  • Contextualise the presentation of the message and provide lots of opportunities for debate.
  • Support people’s calling not give them a job in the church. Provide processes
  • Teach them how to share their faith in the marketplace not just invite friends to church.
  • Find out if you are meeting people’s needs in your church and what they say about how you are meeting the values of the church. Authenticity is massive now.
  • Delegate and empower people so they are engaged not just spectators.

To find out the studies and why we have concluded these things you will need to see the notes which are available by contacting us.

PLease also share our blog to allow others to consider – we need everyone not just leaders to play their part in building a church that others want to come to.

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