Summary of Major Research Findings on Church Growth – Does your pastor know this?


Blog from CEO of Church Excellence Framework

The framework team are very committed to finding you good evidence to back up aspects that are in the framework. We are very excited to have found this study that gives real tangible evidence of what helps good church growth. No more speculation!

All these points are vital parts of the Church Excellence Framework, which develops these in even more detail and brings in other good practices. 



Research from Anglican Church “ From Anecdote to Evidence”

Here is a summary of an excellent research exercise carried out in England over a significant period.

The survey  summarized some key findings:-

Good Leadershipchurch growth

Clear Mission and Purpose

Willingness to self reflect and change

Intentional involvement of lay leaders

Intentional in prioritizing growth

Intentional in chosen styles of worship

Intentional nurturing disciples


Factors contributing to decline includechurch growth


1.Burdensome buildings

  1. 2.Stagnation in approach , variety, vitality and inclusiveness of worship
  2. 3.Clergy characteristics of empathizing , persisting and managing were less helpful that those who are more flexible and push people in new directions
  3. 4.Members unwilling to get involved and everything left to the ordained minister.


As the intention of the Framework is to stimulate debate, we do hope you will take time to really consider these points with your leadership teams and church congregation members and  request the framework notes to study more our findings so that you are indeed working on greater priorities. The framework notes share a summary of key priorities that we have concluded constitute the greatest way to church growth and health. This goes beyond what other leadership tools are offering.

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The notes explain how to practically implement a  lot of these points. Other research says you must start at your lowest factor. We include lots of tools to survey your church as well.

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