Does Your Church Help People Identify Their Calling ?

BUILDING A Church that is relevant for future generations Many churches talk about empowering people to influence the Kingdom, but one of the principle ways to do this is to help people know their highest calling. Without this, a lot of empowerment has minimal effect, as our greatest role is in what we do every day. Without knowing our highest calling we are missing out on the ways in which we can impact our own lives and the lives of those around us, whilst maintaining dominion over Gods Kingdom.

Working in a church capacity which does not   fully use our gifts is not how we change the world. This is particularly true if your church has become very inward looking and is not growing or evolving in line with current trends and is spending time with people who are not really serious about growth. The key to success is the people who want and make that change happen.

If this is not something your church has in place maybe you could be the one to raise it with your pastor?

As the Church Excellence Framework is being viewed by many people who we hope will utilize it in a positive way, we have decided to be generous and release one of the tools we have developed over many years to help you find your calling and share that journey with others.  It is included in the Church Excellence Framework together with a process to help churches identify the types of people in their church and how they can support them fully, allowing them to become more connected.

We do need to ask ourselves how this calling intersects with a need in society and what is in God’s heart for people now. At the end of the day we do not want to develop a role that is not needed in society. Please pay this forward and share it with friends and your church.


Tools to Find your Calling and Gifts by Jane Johnson pdf

If you would like to offer additional coaching to people to work through the gaps then there is a wonderful service with free online live coaching 24/7 that can help you keep moving with this tool and applying it or helping you overcome obstacles. It can be found at – just click to talk to a coach.

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