Church Planting shown to be more effective than other forms of outreach for real growth

One of the indicators we have put on the Framework for churches to consider is ” considering the value of church planting as one of the more effective tools”. This is based on research shown below:-

The NCLS report on Church planting, concluded that Church plants are more effective in connecting with newcomers to church life.  In the Church plants surveyed, 16% of attenders were newcomers to church life in comparison to 10% of attenders in established churches.  Church plants are more effective than other forms of outreach. “…Church plants have higher percentages of newcomers than churches engaged in street evangelism, churches conducting services for the unchurched (eg ‘seeker services’), churches conducting mission activities at schools or churches offering social services such as training or support programs” (Steve Addison).  The NCLS survey indicates that healthy Mother churches continue to grow after the expenses of planting a daughter church. (

Also, conducting research into the needs of the local community before planting a church has been shown to be very effective in making sure that it is an outreach church and also in bringing people in. Tools are available to help churches do this from growth

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