5 Ways to Connect with Millennials

I was excited when I read this research from the Barna Group on ways to connect with the younger generation at church, as all the points were ones we have covered in the Church Health Framework and so have evidence that people are crying out for certain things. The real growth is really only coming from young people so that is why it is crucial for churches to be looking at this.

If your church is not providing mechanisms to cover these elements, you could take responsibility and begin a dialogue with leadership, bringing it to the attention of those who do not have time to research these things. We are all responsible for building our church into the beautiful bride of christ that God wants. We believe so strongly that rebuilding the temple is critical for our nation as a first step and we have had prophetic words from Haggai confirming this. In the book of Haggai it talks about how, when the organisational leaders, priests and the people came together, the glory of the lord was far greater. All working together is the key to bringing us to a higher level. What is exciting is, many are saying they too have heard God speaking out of Haggai at the moment.

We also have another part of the framework that shows examples of how organisations are pulling together now to rebuild in a way that if they did not work in collaboration, their effect would be very limited (if not held back from not working in unity).

Here is the article and research results

https://www.barna.org/barna-update/millennials/682-5-ways-to-connect-with-millennials#.VG7gSjg9Kpochurch growth

If you have examples of good processes that your church is implementing, please share a sample so we can learn and maybe even refer them as shining lights!!!

To review the studies and find out why we have concluded these things you will need to see the notes which are available by contacting us.

Please also share our blog to allow others to consider – we need everyone, not just leaders, to play their part in building a church that others want to come to.

Copyright 2015 Jane Johnson http://www.churchexcellenceframework.com. Permission is granted to copy, forward, or distribute this article for non-commercial use only, as long as this copyright byline, in totality, is maintained in all duplications, copies, and link references.  For reprint permission for any commercial use, in any form of media, please contact orchard.j.johnson@gmail.com

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