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Here is a small extract from the accompanying notes in the framework on one of the  indicators  – “evidence is sought that people are actively engaged with the body of Christ”.

Here are some ways to actively engage people so they will want to continue in their walk with God and stay in church:-

  • Feeling you are needed. We suggest a process here in the notes to engage people in a conversation so you get to know them and what God has laid on their hearts.
  • Your passions are taken seriously and you are helped to see some small progress. This need only be  in a few small areas to be really encouraging for someone.
  • Serving in a  community project run by people outside the church ie ( not your own), so you are mixing with the community. This done as a group with the church can be very engaging as you are serving with a purpose not just socialising.
  • Empowering  others to empower people.- we have coaching models to share in the framework.church pic
  • You know and believe in the vision values and goals (hence good communication of them)
  • Someone is loving you and encouraging you to be a part (This is where coaching can really help with connection outside of activities)
  • You have meaningful relationships that challenge you to grow (Can come from plenty of networking time in meetings, encouraging people to stay and not have excessive content meetings). This allows the power of netweaving to take place.
  • Churches encourage a culture of noticing the newer members and taking initiative to ask them how they may serve them or love them.
  • Being asked what you would like to see – this could be done via various methods such as a blog, forums with different categories of people, including new people, surveys, etc.
  • Being provided resources, encouragement, placing people above the needs of the building or organized  programme
  • Sermon key points could be placed on an e-newsletter with reminders.
  • A video sharing key learning points from the last sermon and the next sermon could be placed on Facebook, website or e-newsletter to spark interest and give them a reason to attend. Subjects posted in advance also do this. Commenting on how the spirit is speaking to us generally is very engaging.

By asking the people maybe in a survey whether they feel engaged with the church and if not some of the reasons , could dramatically help planning and maybe keep some of those who are risk of becoming dechurched or struggling with their faith.

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12 profound ways to actively engage people in Church?

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