How to ensure your sermon is engaging and people are learning

We all know that listening to sermons can be a poor way to learn. In the framework we have a lot of methods to allow engagement of people and ensure they are experiencing quality learning. For more info sign up for our email blog at The framework without the notes is now on the website without cost for a limited time.

Here are some more suggestions taken from the notes to the framework: –

  • YouTube
  • Invite people to SMS Questions to pastors phone who filters them and answers relevant ones for 10 mins after message. This allows people to concentrate and engage with the material and for us to get feedback about what people care about. Questions can always be returned to the next Sunday if  they are challenging!!!
  • Webinar software
  • Q and A from microphone, ensuring themes to build on material
  • Books and handouts recommended on a theme to ensure the learning is reinforced for those interested.
  • Props
  • Banner at back of the stage to reinforce a theme
  • PowerPoint presentations with main points which are then reinforced at the end of the sermon
  • In the e newsletter –  application questions to ponder through the week – this keeps the theme fresh. People like lots of communication to keep them engaged with their church and feel they are moving forward. This makes testimonies easier to get of what people have learnt.
  • Asking for a response for people to come forward after a message and offer ministry in-line with the sermon
  • Moving the worship so that it can be used as a reflection time for God to speak after the sermon.
  • Interspersing testimonies in between a message (a page on the website can collect testimonies on an ongoing basis). Video testimonies can be powerful.
  • Panel discussions.
  • Sheet given to guest speakers as to the minimum requirements in terms of presentation( eg title, summary, application, Powerpoint, bible references)church growth

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