Moving from MINISTRY Roles to FUNCTION

Typical Ministry Roles  are Youth Leader, Senior Pastor, Operations Pastor, Small Group Co-coordinator .

Moving away from Pastor Roles to FUNCTIONS is important because it moves from an employment model to a deployment model. This is critical so that vital aspects of the church are catered for and resources and time go to those, plus good coordination takes place. Critical aspects of church are good church growthcommunication, developing clear strategy, ensuring good networking, ensuring learning is taking place and good outreach is taking place.

Without this we can focus on activities rather than processes. Processes allow for greater growth. Activities may not mean anything at the end of the day. We can have lots of small groups and preaching but it does not mean people are learning or have a vital relationship with God. We also can avoid the trap that one person is doing multiple tasks that are not in line with their gifting. A teacher is very often not a good administrator for example and vice versa. If we pay for these functions or share them amongst churches we can ensure they are done, whereas the other functions can be done by congregation members to engage them with the people, and so stay connected with the vision.

The church excellence framework is available for viewing at

FINANCE and Funding Communications and Marketing Both within and with fringe Christians or the outside world Program Support and Ministry Operations(Designing What is the  Strategy for Learning , overseeing small groups, Prayer ) Networking, New People integration, Deployment of People and Relationships to ensure people are engaged and transferring from one sector to another Learning,  setting up Coaching, Recruiting Qualified Trainers, Designing Competencies for Church Goals, Program for Sermons and evaluation of those methods Human Resources and Admin

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