Why hasn’t the Church been more influential?

Here are some interesting reasons why we felt compelled to write a framework to address some of these trends and to remove the obstacles so the church can grow well organically.

Some key reasons taken from the source quoted below include:

  • Denominational fragmentation, church splits, disunity and not working together
  • Reduction in emphasis on Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Underdeveloped Learning and Development Techniques in Churches.
  • Split between Teacher Role and Leader Function not clear. A lot of key function roles such as communication not covered as emphasis on ministry role.
  • Not empowering or trusting others in their own Church or resources outside the church
  • Failure to train Christians well in how to serve God in their daily occupations
  • Confusing Teaching for Learning and not focusing on transformation outcomes but statistics on attendance.
  • Certain Biblical Truths not being taught over the centuries
  • Exchanging accountability for people pleasing with a reduction in critical analysis
  • Allowing Greek philosophy to divide the sacred from the secular rather than our Hebraic roots of God being over all, through all and in all (e.g.: book of Leviticus and Eph 4:6)
  • Biblical literacy decline in both the Christian and wider community
  • Breakdown of moral fortitude through media influence and pornography
  • Cultural pressures overriding the knowledge of Jesus as the Lord of the marketplace
  • Dysfunction and disorder in our own homes
  • Failure to teach the next generation our Judeo/Christian heritage (Psalm 78:3-8)church growth
  • Lack of God space in the busyness of people’s everyday lives
  • Lack of training Christians how to serve God in their daily occupations
  • Silo mentalities that cause pastoral disinterest outside the walls of local churches.
  • Liberalism through the media infiltrating attitudes in the church
  • Misunderstanding about Evangelism and Discipleship in the marketplace
  • Scandals and abuses that have undermined trust in the church in the wider community.
  • Lack of allowing the prophetic gifting to develop and training in the prophetic


Source Peter Kentley GME Strategic Plan River of Life

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