12 laws of new earth

12 laws of new earth were discerned by Jane Johnson and Bill Brady Jan 2018

We submit it to the body for ratification and feedback. You are powerful sons able to discern.

  1. Everything will sing God’s praise ( original frequencies )
  2. Everything is light

  3. All is One, even nature ( perfect harmony )

  4. Never ending cycle of light ( ongoing discovery )

  5. Total perfection ( godly control )

  6. Ecstasy/ paradise

  7. Family (Collaboration of all )

  8. Fulfilled destiny

  9. We operate from desire ( God-given desire )

  10. We create like Father created

  11. Giving of ourselves out of complete abundance to honor or create with another.

  12. Complete abundance ( from desire )

New earth dialogue



Milestones 2018 ecclesia

  1. Our name displayed in final tapestry of the heavens
  • Functioning health of ecclesia from understanding one united body

  • Never ending journey ( fullness of Jerusalem mysteries to be revealed)

  • Going beyond finished works of the cross

    1. Cycle of life creating a new day based on the trinity and flow of eternity, infinity, new earth

    5 . Big Bang / explosion of new beginnings