We are a large International Embassy / Resource Centre for those seeking to understand how to become mature MANIFEST sons of God.

Scripture says ( ” All creation is groaning for the manifest sons of God to take their place”).


We are on a journey to restore our dominion , awaken to our immense calling we all have and form a new way of operating as a new wineskin bringing reformation .


We continue to grow by embracing the true meaning of Church ” the Ecclesia ” which means the called-out ones WHO HAVE A VOTE IN THE COUNCIL, as we move away from denominational divides.


Ecclesia Framework has a mandate to remove stumbling blocks out of the way of God’s people. We seek to summarize practical points of many apostolic revelations into usable FREE checklists, as we also act as watchmen. If you are blessed we just ask you forward them to help build a new wineskin.


We have large numbers of people from over 20 different NATIONS using our pages, accessing our messenger groups, Facebook groups, , GOVERNMENTAL ENCOUNTER GROUPS , discipling / fathering each other and watching our encounters and activations . We seek to connect people with similar scrolls to form benches to increase governmental authority . We don’t believe charging for revelation is the heavenly blueprint so our pages can be shared freely .


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For those that understand the heavenly realms revelation do refer to the resources under heavenly realms and see the heavenly ecclesia blueprint page.

Advantages of the Heavenly Ecclesia Blueprint

  • Builds strong disciples and fathering generations (Matt 28:18) and promotes finding what is on your book of destiny
  • Improves the reputation of the body of Christ by promoting priesthood of all believers and understanding the Hebrew circular culture moving away from Greek linear thinking .
  • Encourages equality , collaboration and revelation sharing and therefore unity working as one body .
  • Shows different approaches depending on the spiritual age you operate out of .
  • Encourages you to be powerful sons so encourages you to seek confirmation yourself out of INTIMACY with all of Heaven .
  • Helps minimize disengagement by removing the clergy/laity divide. NO PAID STAFF .
  • Calls for reformation and a new wine skin before revival is possible with benches .
  • Promotes multiplication ( one anothering ) and FATHERING not spiritual addition ( ie bringing someone to a group ) which allows greater and deeper growth.
  • Opens up the way of regaining Christian influence in society through Eternity principles and restoring our true authority accessing all the heavenly realms not just when we die . Showing we are called to have dominion and rule over the whole universe
  • We place emphasis on encounters backed up by opening our consciousness to the biggest picture in the book of Revelation and from small hidden verses in Genesis
  • See operating as a spirit being going back to our original state before the fall allows us to operate in abundance constantly out of the river of life moving away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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Watch this video to get a grasp of one of the key elements of the Frameworks.

Journals of Heavenly Realms Experiences Part 1, 2 + 3



Jane Johnson, the beloved daughter of the Most High received the mandate to plunder Heaven so that the New Jerusalem can descend. What we see in your ministry is the TRUE model of Ecclesia community. The Ecclesia is the model of the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God Rev 21:2. State of the art technology from Heaven being released. 

Ella Harrison


I feel like Peter. The words of eternal life are here. I have no where else to go. I have experienced massive accelerated growth since coming here and especially since accepting responsibility. I have found my life long desired destiny here with a glimpse of more to come. I have never experienced a greater sense of fulfillment. I have found my tribe that I belong to. He kept me from ever really belonging so that I would belong here.  Bill 

“Jane Johnsonis one of the new breed of leaders that God is raising up to champion the new “Church Reformation”. Jane’s organisation has created a framework using biblical principles to help churches effectively minister to their community and more effectively engage their congregation. Her heart for God and for the Kingdom of God drives her to seek new ways to support pastors and leaders. As a Christian leader myself, I applaud her work and encourage everyone to download a free copy of the “Ecclesia Framework”.

     Peter Sewell, Christian Leadership Coach and Pastor

“Jane Johnson CEO of The Ecclesia Framework is a rarity in the guild of critiquing the ecclesiastical structures of Christendom. The consumerist and capitalist notion of theology with the rise of mega-churches is not what she is about but rather she is committed in defining ecclesia as sharing from the bottom up, thus changing the paradigm of traditional definitions associated with institutional realities. What is most impressive with her is that she has a servant’s heart willing to share the Church Excellence Model to rising practitioners/church strategists as myself. I consider her a mentor, friend, and colleague.The most important lesson she has taught me is that the local church is not merely a market place ministry, a parachurch association or a spiritual formation network. Nor is it simply an ad hoc group of two or three believers (members of the universal church) who gather for prayer and fellowship. The local church simply is not a building or institution but follows the model found in Acts chapter 4 – a church with no walls, a group of believers who regularly assemble fulfilling Christ’s true intentions of what ecclesia is all about. I recommend The Ecclesia Framework with great enthusiasm.” 

     William Flippin, Jr Ecumenical Liaison for the Church Council of the United Methodist Church in America.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Jane

    I was wondering about the ‘seeing process’. We have been listening to Ian Clayton ect over the last year. I have no idea where to start it feels like information overload. I need to fasttrack this all feels like I am behind on so much. Please advise on the traing you talk about on the website regarding seeing in the spirit.

    My email address is bernicerjooste@gmail.com

    Kind Regards


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